Excel Template Production Plan


Check out format of production plan in excel, complete scheduling of your project against particular schedule. These templates are prepared to help both production and service providing companies from initiation till execution of the event and process. Products are not just ready from the production process; in fact there is series of ongoing processes and plans, resulting in producing them in the right quantity and at the right time.


 Table of Content

1.01- Welcome Screen
1.02-Customer Sheet
1.03- Report Format
1.04- Date Wise Section Review
1.05- Yearly Production Section
1.06- Dashboard Reporting



Welcome screen

The template consists of 5 worksheets and all of these are shown here on the welcome screen, along the company name, company logo and general contact information of the company. You are just required to enter the name, logo and information and your welcome screen is ready.


This part of the template shows customer database and the related production details. Retaining customers and attracting new customers, is fundamental for company success, and this can be achieved by keeping this information, and using it timely. Depending on the type of manufacturing company, different types of customers, place orders in numerous quantities or weight, which can be seen here. This sheet must be filled manually with care. Columns are already filled with headings and you are just required to enter the details. It consists of:

  • Company serial number (fill with company serial number, placing order)
  • Customer (name)
  • Order#
  • Article#
  • Color
  • Order quantity
  • Extra quantity

This shows order information placed by customer and helps in earning customer satisfaction; therefore you must fill it carefully.

Daily Production Report Format

Don’t worry about meeting the deadlines, as this part of the template help you achieve the targets before time, and help you compare the progress made in different departments. Daily production report department wise consists of the following:

  • Order status (filled automatically, once you place order serial number here).
  • Receive from (consisting of received from, receive start date, today received, total received, Bin to receive). It must be filled manually.
  • Department 1 to 5 (depending on number of departments in your company, you are able to add more or delete these as well.) it consists of day, night, total produced, total quantity and balance work in progress.

*multiple shifts of your companies can be managed, and help you differentiate finished materials from work in progress.


Production Status Reporting date wise

If you are interested in determining production of units and associated cost daily or according to the date, this part of the template is going to do this for you. Keeping you aware of the production targets meet by your employees, on specific dates, you are always able to forecast for the upcoming period as well. This part of the template fills automatically, therefore saving your time. It consists of:

  • Date
  • Day
  • Receiving from (received from, total received total)
  • Department 1-5 (according to number of departments in your company, involved in production)
  • Dispatch


Monthly And Yearly Production Report

This part of the template shows production targets met in specific months, leading up to the yearly production targets. This allows you to make comparison of the production made in this year and the previous years. It is based on:

  • Monthly production report (same like the production status date wise, it fills automatically and shows production for specific month)
  • Yearly grand total production
  • Yearly working days
  • Per day average
  • Total month of this year
  • Monthly average

*no need to calculate average yourself, make comparison among years based on realistic data.

Production Dashboard Reporting Sheet

This part of the template shows monthly production dashboard in form of bar chart, to help you make better decisions for the upcoming time period and improving productivity. Select any month of the year and it will show you the bar chart for this month. First bar shows total received production units, while rest show received from individual departments.

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