Some of the documents are so helpful in maintaining updated accounts and guaranteeing your customers even from satisfaction from your company, and this process is incomplete without availability of debit and credit note in excel template. If any invoice is dispatched and delivered to your clients regarding payment of the purchase order, it might include faulty goods, or goods which were not delivered due to out-dated stock or any items which are not in working condition due to shipment damages, and these invoices are then tackled using credit note for an invoice.


How to write a credit note for an invoice?

There are certain limitations and prescribed rules for business management and these are also implemented when filling credit note for an invoice like:

  • Title and company

It is important that actual purpose of the document is well understood, therefore give it proper title that is credit invoice. Once your customer get it, he will look for the company who is sending it, therefore add your company details like company name, company number, logo, company address, company registration number, email and website as well for proper identification.

  • Your customer data

Do add your customer data, whom you are sending this memo, so that once he get it, he can realize it’s actually for him. Include your customer name, company, address and number.

  • Credit memo information

Like each invoice, credit memo also differs from rest therefore give it unique number and date. It is for identification purpose as well.

  • Why it is issued

A table is added here with the items listed as well as the details of the items why they are not actually charged to the customer. It includes, quantity of items and rate per item as well, therefore sum of the items and total amount reduced from actual invoice is calculated and shown here.


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