Task based construction schedule template in excel format, track multiple tasking activities through this template easily and finalize your monthly base task accordingly. Although the template consists of single spreadsheet, it covers all aspects of planning and scheduling. It is prepared in excel tool making planning and calculations simple and accurate. It works for all windows and all versions of Microsoft excel.


Handy Project Management tool, you can use it many other projects.

Construction Schedule Sheet in Excel

Now check out your actual project duration and lead time through this sheet. Although it is single sheet, it is divided up into two parts that are:

  • Scheduling tasks
  • Timeline

Scheduling tasks with Gantt Chart Access

The first part of the construction schedule table that is scheduling tasks section is required to be filling manually. It consists of task description, plan start, plan end, total months and type. Two projects with their tasks are outlined in rows; however more projects can be added.

  • Just fill out plan start and plan end duration and total months is filled automatically.
  • Gantt chart in excel review for more detail

Tasks Timeline

This part of the table shows timeline of the tasks as well as completed tasks and this is filled automatically on the behalf of the information added in scheduling tasks section.


Tasks timeline is represented with different colors to make their identification easier. X is for black and it represents accomplished tasks, while any other color can be given to any task. B is for blue, P for purple, R for red, o for orange and G is for green and these are also mentioned on the top of sheet.

For Fully Customize Construction Schedule template according to your particular Project, Contact us and discuss this with our team.

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