This plantilla or Excel template you can create customize in easy way. Download from and reply us back for BCG Matrix. The template consists of single spreadsheet; therefore you never feel lack of organization. In fact your managers are able to make most profitable decisions through this spreadsheet prepared in excel tool.


BCG Matrix sheet in Excel

Although it is single spreadsheet, but it is actually split up into 2 parts, that is table section and graph section. Check some other project management tool for daily reporting.

Table section

This part is required to be filled manually and it consists of all the company products added in the rows. It consists of market growth, market share, market share largest competitor and relative market share.

  • Just fill market share and market growth value and market and relative market share is calculated and filled automatically.

BCG Matrix Graph

X-axis show market share while y-axis show business growth rate. It is divided up in sections that are cash cows, stars, dogs and question mark. It is filled automatically on the basis of data added in table section and products added accordingly.

You can perform many tasks through BCG Matrix in Excel in your Mac and other desktop. Mostly project management operation and before submitting any project status activity this type of chart and other graphical tool must need not only in XLS but also in Powerpoint and word format for present in well manner.

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