Do you want to track monthly student attendance for evaluating their performance accordingly? Here is Template124 attendance sheet in Microsoft Excel, you can use to track and print any student report in simple way. For any type of changes in it we provide our premium clients only. You can not only track daily attendance but also finalization monthly report according to classes for any particular student.


It is consist of 4 sheets that are:

  • Student database
  • Attendance register
  • Attendance summary class wise
  • Student attendance report

Welcome Screen

This screen is basically the introduction of the template. You are just required to fill the fields once. It consists of:

  • School or institution name on the top. (Add your school name here).
  • It is already in visible form, due to ideal font size and writing style.
  • Upload your school logo and it will be visible on welcome screen.
  • Next come the worksheets included in the template, that are student database, attendance register, attendance summary class wise and student attendance report.
  • Add your school contact details and it will be shown below this section.
  • Add address and phone number.

Student Database

The template is valuable addition to your school, helping both management and administration section. This part of the template shows all the new admission to the school, therefore you are always aware of the number of students in the school. This sheet is kept updated to let you be aware of the student’s number and help in maintaining admission record as well. It is consisted of:

  • SR# (no need to fill this, it get new number automatically)
  • Student ID # (enter the student roll number here)
  • Class (new admission class is shown here)
  • Father name (add father name here)
  • Contact # (add number here for immediate contact)
  • Address (student address must be entered here).

Class Attendance Register

This part of the template shows the attendance record of the class. To get it done efficiently and getting attendance records, check out the fields required and available in this section. The template body consists of:

  • Student roll no
  • Class
  • Student name
  • Days absent
  • Days of present
  • Days of leaves
  • All the dates of the month along the day.

You are just required to enter the student roll number and it will be automatically filled with other information. Attendance record is based on the information filled in the date section. For present add “P”, for absent add “A”, for leave enter “L” and for weekend add “W”.

Select the class name above, and it will show this attendance data for that specific class.

Attendance Summary Class Wise

This worksheet of the template shows attendance data for specific class in detail. This can be used for improvement purpose as well. You are just required to enter the student roll number and all the other information is filled in automatically from the last sheet. it consists of:

  • Student ID
  • Student name
  • Class
  • Attendance summary (consisting of present, absent and leaves) columns.
  • Pass #
  • Remarks

Student Attendance Report Excel

This part of the template shows the attendance database of the specific student and is required for meeting purpose as well. It consists of:

  • General information
  • Attendance data summary
  • Pie chart showing statistics

General Information

It consists of school name, student roll number, student name, class, teacher, academic year, from (date) to (date). It is usually for the month.

Attendance Data Summary

To show all the highlights from the previous table, it consists of number of present days, number of absent days, number of day’s leaves and number of day’s weekend.

Pie Chart

It shows the sectors, and statistics of the attendance of student. It therefore shows highest proportion being taken by P,A or L as well as lowest also.


So if you have any question about this School attendance report template excel, than you just direct contact us or we will provide complete customization solution for your problem easily.

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