Hotel Daily Sales Report template Excel

Hotel daily sales report template s utilize by the eatery supervisors to deal with the offers of the eatery on consistent schedule. For the supervisors it is imperative to track offers of their stock on day by day and week after week premise since they are responsible at the season of shutting. You can Monitor your step by step arrangements and stock with this smooth configuration.

Enter specific trades on the Sales Data tab and subsequently flip to the Sales Report tab to see indicate bargains per thing.

You can utilize this format to record bargains trades with cash select and move in (AM and PM) shifts. This format will empower you to make the supporting report for your arrangements and store trades for straightforward segment into your accounting records. Various restaurants use an alternate 8.5 x 11 wrapping to store these things in consistently.

  2. Hotel Reservation Form 
  3. Hotel Room Booking System
  4. Hotel Bill Format

Expenses and Budget Management in Hotels

You can Make each week’s report from a Master arrangement, and extra as exceptional worksheet, Enter Monday’s date in Week Beginning box and all dates normally travel through report and Utilize POS or cash enroll reports to enter all business information and charge card receipts physically, while Cash Deposits and Transfers rely upon honest to goodness check cash. This Report tracks each day and week to date signifies for each characterization and furthermore compensation and expenses as offers in the restaurant or hotel.

How the Hotel daily sales Template Excel benefits you?

Check the template benefit, mostly hotels or restaurant need some custom requirement.

  1. Track step by step and stage by stage customer or trade checks and arrangements from your POS point of sales reports. Right when the week is done, print the report and use it to record your regular arrangements.
  2. It is effectively adjustable
  3. It is anything but difficult to utilize
  4. Printable
  5. You can track every last data you need to report
  6. Track ordinary deals.
  7. Automatically ascertains everything by putting only information into it.
  8. It is easy and handy to use.
  9. Handle the sales daily or weekly basis
  10. Weekly summary.

Guide to use Hotel Daily Sales Report Template Excel:

Following columns includes the into the template:

  1. Restaurant name:

As a matter of first importance, to fill this layout you simply need to first put the name into first line. For which you are keep up the business information report regular schedule.

  1. Week beginning date:

The date of the begin of the week either 12, 13, fourteenth against your week first day as it is Monday. You need to enter the date into this segment.

  1. Daily items sold revenue:

At that point it comes the income segment, all the sustenance things that your eatery supply enroll every one of the things under the income segment to keep up day by day deals record against the upward column of days. As in these formats there are following things are enroll as nourishment, bear, wine, alcohol and so on and the day by day deals against these are likewise specify before them. Following one week the aggregate area that is shade with yellow naturally adds up to the all measures of the entire first week.

  1. Discounts section

At that point it comes the rebates segment. Every one of the rebates are less from the aggregate deals receipt sums on the regular schedule.

  1. Taxes
  2. Cash & credit facilities:

Money and credit exchanges are likewise recorded on the regular schedule in this segment. What’s more, computes the level of these following one week too.

  1. Net account for details:

After the finding of the considerable number of rebates and reclamations the net installment is there, it consequently figures by the sheet.

  1. Total of the receipts:

Add up to receipts are produce after derivation of the upper segment this additionally naturally figures when you enter information.

In conclusion, this hotel daily sales report template excel layout causes us to keep up an attractive record of offers information and furthermore it is a productive approach to look after records.

Inventory Stock Control Template Excel

Inventory Stock Control Template serves the essential capacity of helping a business to accomplish proficient organization abilities by following every one of its products, actualizes, assets, instruments, and so on in an ideal way. Stock administration website format can be utilized online without download, in spite of the fact that an expansive number might be benefited and kept disconnected for free.

Inventory List Template get to is accessible effortlessly. Regularly, a business may turn to the upkeep of immense databases to make it less demanding to take load of their benefits, which is an expensive technique.

Rental Inventory Business Management

In case you’re overseeing stock for a retail business or materials to be utilized as a part of assembling, you know how basic stock administration can be for advancing deals and profitability. This stock control layout can enable you to recognize when it’s an ideal opportunity to reorder stock, diminish overabundance stock, get to provider data, and effectively find things away. It’s anything but difficult to see the whole life-cycle of your stock, including things on delay purchase.

Administration stock formats free download effortlessly tackles every single such issue for associations unwilling to make such uses. They help control the stock, take into account the appraisal of the amount of benefits accessible and also give a complete marking framework to methodical organization.

Excel Inventory Template for Rental Business

How to Make Stock Inventory in Excel?

First of all clear your mind about your particular business of stock take, than we going to start with how to make it? Manage stock portfolio isn’t a difficult task, when you knows how to control it through particular tool (Microsoft Excel, Access). Through managing stock register to inventory control, you just require “All in One Template”.

Inventory Stock Control Template Excel

Benefits of Inventory Stock Control Template Excel

Let’s follows these steps for managing stock daily to monthly basis. Make sure this template is editable and you can customize it accordingly.

  1. Track inventory current level
  2. See the re-order level
  3. Accurate identification of your stock
  4. You know which is available in stock and where
  5. Save time and money
  6. Easy to use.

Guide to Use Inventory System:

Columns Included in this:

Re-order (Auto Fill):

Re-order level is a level on, which inventory or stock ordered again. If it is OK so, don’t need to re-order the quantity.

Item Number:

Item number is the coding of the inventory that is done by the stock holder or may be the warehouse maintainer.

Date of last order:

Date of last order must be mentioned in this column.

Item name:

The name of the item that is in stock is must be mention.


Vendor is a person or a supplier from whom we purchase our inventory or stock. That must be mention.

Stock location:

Stock keeping location is mostly set by the organization’s warehouse management for example shelf A, Shelf B, Etc. So, the stock location must be mention.


Description of the item must be made shortly or briefly.

Cost per Item:

Cost per item is the cost you bear on one unit of the stock so, that can maintain the record and for the total inventory price.

Stock Quantity:

Stock quantity means the quantity in hand that is available in the inventory warehouse or not.

Total Value:

Total value must be mention of the stock available in hand. The total monetary value of the stock quantity in hand must be mention for the record purpose.

Re-order Level:

Re-order level is a level on which the stock must be refill. So, re-order in quantity must be mentioned that on how much units we have to re-order.

Daily Sales Inventory Template Excel

Total inventory value:

The total inventory value that is place or store in the warehouse as a stock or inventory must be mentioned in the terms of monetary.

This inventory stock control template excel helps you a lot to save your time and manage your stock effectively.

Agile Sprint Backlog Template Excel

Agile Sprint backlog template Excel is used by the Product managers to make a list of what the things that requirements to be done in a product task. As well to keep them update with the tasks information. Scrum Product Backlog is simply a checklist of all that features that is requires to be done on time within a product. This would help the production manager to keep track all the activities in a product.

Scrum Backlog template is easy to use and gives the updates to the product manager about the completion of the product. Product is the thing that mostly customer’s wants the seller to customize and tells the features themselves. Therefore, product backlog templates are easy for use and keep track of the customer requirements easily. In this template, we can list down all the products and their features that customer want in it. And then check their progress in detail in order to satisfy the customer requirements.

Benefits of using Agile Sprint Backlog Template Excel

Some features is listing here below, so check out before you download this template. Complete inventory management solution is ready for you.

  • Checking details are easy
  • Easy to use
  • Tracking efficiently
  • Keeps you update
  • Customizable
  • Status of completion.

How to Use this Template?

7 steps to use this template easily that are following:

  1. Task Name
  2. Story
  3. Sprint ready
  4. Priority
  5. Status
  6. Story points
  7. Assigned to Sprint

Agile Sprint Backlog Template

Task Name:

Task name means the product name that is in process of adding features. The task name should be mentioned in the task name section.


The task description must be there in this column.

Sprint Ready:

Sprint ready means if the task has any speed up emergency or not must be mention.


The priority level is the urgency level of the project. Some task may have urgent level and some has medium or normal level. Therefore, the priority of the project must be defin in terms of urgency.


The status of the project in terms of their completion and in process level. The status shows that either the project is started, not started, in progress & completion details are shown in this section.

Story points:

Story point section automatically updated by the sheet by looking at the details of the stories provided in the above section.

Assigned to sprint:

This column tells the speed up level of the particular project. This tells that either the project is in need for speeding up or not. This would automatically calculate by the sheet. Moreover, you can also add the other rows for more projects and also the sub-heading of the task & as well as you can also delete the unnecessary rows for your ease.

Daily Scrum Meeting Template Excel

In conclusion, this agile sprint backlog template excel sheet helps in all matters and is an efficient way to record and track information when need.

Restaurant Daily Sales Activity Plan Template Excel

Looking for restaurant sales report template in any format?  You can also use this Sales Activity Plan Template Excel for other business like “Hotel” or “Call Center”.

Sales activity and tracking is significant to making any changes in sales budgets timely and let know about it to the top management. Expenses of all sorts in the organization are fulfilled through sale revenue made, and if the revenue made is not enough to meet the daily or monthly expenses, company will no longer be in running positioning.

Therefore daily sales activity plan template excel is prepared to help you in recording all the sales daily and therefore splitting out sales targets in your sales team more efficiently.

Restaurant Sales Activity Plan

Every restaurant company must schedule some template or software for tracking daily sales activity in-spite of service and hotel room booking or conference room booking. Either booking of marriage hall or private room required in a day or meal serving in any hotel. Each and every hotel activity must track and overview through template of excel.

Daily Sales Activity Plan Template Excel Features

Now define your sale strategies in more professional way, through downloading this template as it is helpful in various ways:

You are able to quickly identify, which products need marketing while areas of interest as well.

  • Effective marketing and advertising strategies are updated on weekly and monthly basis in companies, depending on their sale volume, therefore now you can make timely changes.
  • New sales markets, which are more promising and interesting for any new product launched, can be targeted more efficiently.
  • All the important data related to sales is available at single spreadsheet, therefore no need to look for multiple places for this information.

You are able to come up with more smart sales strategies and better resource management as well.

  • Whenever production process is going on, resources are utilized, therefore now you are able to better manage your resources and inventory management.
  • Project management is much more effective and lower holding costs.

Sales Tracker Template Excel

Although there are varieties of templates available for sales tracking, however they are never so user friendly and ready to use as this one. You are always able to make customization yourself or ask for it, making your sales tracking process easier and efficient.

Check some more restaurant sales activity template in excel, and connect with Template124 for more template like that.