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Save your time and always remain updated through project dashboards. Whether you are linked to manufacturing or production industry or if you are team leader at contact center, a perfectly designed business dashboard helps you improve productivity and achieve sales target. Our team of developers are experienced professionals, understanding basic purpose of these templates and then designing them to provide unique and innovative template for you.

The Team

Why our excel team?

 Excel templates work so perfectly and rapidly due to use of custom formulas, which can be modified according to nature of template and it can be handled by our team.

 Expert in using SQL to keep your excel template updated with most accurate and recent information.

 Creating calendars and timesheets to save your time and helps in meetings.

 An individual proficient guy to handle bulk processes and fixing formulas.

 Understanding and then preparing specific template, for each individual project.


[schon_team_member avatar=”1231″ name=”Umair Aziz” role=”CEO & Co-Founder”]
[schon_team_member avatar=”1232″ name=”Umar Rana” role=”CTO & Co-Founder”]
[schon_team_member avatar=”1233″ name=”Najam ” role=”Senior Software Engineer”]
[schon_team_member avatar=”1238″ name=”Rana Aftab” role=”Senior Content Manager”]
[schon_team_member avatar=”1235″ name=”Hamad” role=”Business Development Representative “]
[schon_team_member avatar=”1236″ name=”Ali Shaukat” role=”Operation Manager”]
[schon_team_member avatar=”1237″ name=”Umar Bhatti” role=”UI Designer”]
[schon_team_member avatar=”1234″ name=”Hamna ” role=”Customer Representative Manager”]