Agile project status report template in excel helps you to keep check the status of the projects complete in detail. This is used by the project managers to keep track every information. this template helps the managers to quickly review the project statuses. As per how much time is estimated to complete, which project meet the deadline of the completion or not. It also shows the responsible person who is handling a specific project and when the project is being completed. The features and the sub parts that are accomplished are also be show here in this template in detail.


Earlier, the project managers have to round on the project site to determine what is completed and what is to be left for completion. So, it is very easy for them to remember and keep track all the information on time of using

Advantages of Agile Project Status Report Template in Excel

Check some advantages of agile process, which emphasis directly on project status reporting.

  1. It helps you to track all the data
  2. Shows status graphically
  3. It shows the bottlenecks
  4. Efficient way to record data in it
  5. Easy and handy to use no technical excel knowledge is required
  6. Can be used by small businesses.
  7. Less time consuming
  8. General venture data (name, accommodation date
  9. High level change affirmation (scope, plan, assets, things that need administration consideration)
  10. Project measurements (errands finish, assignments in advance, undertakings not began, time remaining, and so on)
  11. Additional remarks (if necessary)

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How It Works best for you:

There are 5 steps of using this template for the best of all that are following in detail:

  1. Company name
  2. Project
  3. Responsible Department or Person
  4. Estimated completion date
  5. Status of the project

Agile Project Status Report Template

Company name

First of all, you must write the company name whose projects are being evaluating. In the first row that name must be mentioned.

Project Status Report Template

Here in this column the different multiple projects that are required to show their status. Their names must be mentioned for example the “the Product Development” is a project. So as many other projects are must be written in the projects column.

Responsible Department or Person

The projects are assigned to the specific people or departments. As we above talk about the PRODUCT Development project so, the responsible department may be the marketing department. As the construction of a building is a project and responsible person or company Is constructions companies. Therefore, there must be written the names of the person of departments wo are specifically responsible for the tasks.

Estimated Completion Date

There must be a specific date that is assigned to a project to complete. The maturity date of the project that is estimated by the department or may be the project manager. So, the date of maturity must be written here.

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Status of the Project

Status of the project is shown in terms of the completion, in process details, this section shows and describe the details about how much time is there for the completion of the project or may be show the in-progress details. As well as it shows the feature completion detail.

For more detail on Agile Project Status Report Template excel contact Template124 team support. In conclusion this would help you the most to maintain all the records efficiently.

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