Agile project management Excel Templates are used to define the all operational activities and the responsible persons who handle or manage that tasks. This template helps you to manage all the tasks better and as well as it also automatically calculates everything for you and show a Graphical Representation of that tasks as Gantt. Chart.


It is very necessary for the project managers to keep track all the data of the tasks to better perform all the functions and deliver good and best results to the customers and other partners. In this you can customize it as you want add or remove the unnecessary data from the sheet. You can set the tasks names, their dates of starting and ending and as well as the person who is responsible for these assigned tasks. This templates also helps you to automatically calculate the status and the days in which the task is being complete.

Worth of the Agile Project Management Excel Template

  • It lessens the burden of the project managers
  • Responsible
  • Efficient way to do work
  • Effective record keeping
  • No hassles of manual working
  • Easy review with Gantt Chart
  • Automate the tasks.

How To use this Template?

There are 7 steps to fill this template easily the steps are following:

Agile Project Management Template Excel

Follow these steps:

  1. Task Description
  2. Responsible Person
  3. Starting date
  4. Ending date
  5. Chart

 Task Description:

Firstly, you must write all the task that needs to be done and set their emergency level in order to their completion. Tasks often has some features as a subtask that must first complete in order to complete the whole task. Make sure that the project manager defined all the tasks clearly. And then you must write them in the task column. You can also add another row for the tasks as well as you can remove the additional ones.

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Responsible Person:

For the tasks that are required do, the manager assigns a person the task to handle and give them responsibility for the completion. So, there must be a person assigned to each task. The name of the person who is responsible for the specific task must be written here. Using this agile project management template excel, you won’t need any other web base application.

Starting date:

The requirement is that the tasks has some starting and maturity dates in order to perform well the managers give them the duration of task. So, we must write the task starting date in order to the sheet can calculate the days of completion.

Ending Date:

The ending date of the task is written in this column. Maturity dates are often pre-defined for the specific tasks.


This is the duration of the task. This section would be automatically calculated by the worksheet by looking at the starting and ending date that we have given in previous two columns.

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The status would show the details about the completion and work in process of the task. This status is often customized but mostly it is automatic to calculate the status as per days.

Gantt Chart:

Gantt. Chart is the graphical representation of the data we have filled in the template above. This Chart is automatically generated by viewing the data given in the sheet by the spreadsheet.

All Things Considered, this agile project management template excel helps a lot the project manager and lessens his/her burden very easily.

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