Daily scrum meeting template helps you to report the work status of the projects to the scrum master. It is basically a daily scrum standup meeting for mostly 15 minutes in time duration frame. So, every member of the scrum team discusses the project completion that where they lack and which step is completed and in progress. One of the most useful tool for scum users, who want to compress their date in all in one tool.


It Starts (as each meeting)15 Minutes time to clear up that What will I do till the following meeting (tomorrow)? Are there any obstacles (that keep the stories completing today)?

Issues are not comprehended amid the day by day scrum – those can be talked about after the meeting. In the event that somebody is missing – another colleague substitutes him add obstacles to the hindrances excess Its objective is to ensure that everyone knows what’s happening, obstacles are clear and recorded, new excess things are made.

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Daily Scrum Meeting Template Excel

In scrum, you must schedule the meeting of your further discussing product development.  Let’s check some key features on it;

  1. Track the performance of the teams
  2. Best for performance tracking
  3. Helps you to calculate the Hours Individually
  4. Efficient way to stalk performance of teams
  5. Graphically represents the calculated data
  6. Efficient way to do work.
  7. Effective record keeping
  8. No hassles of manual working.
  9. Discussion with detail
  10. Forecasting

Sprint Stand up Meeting Best Practices

In this, you can customize it as you want to add or remove the unnecessary data from the sheet. You must have to enter all major tasks names and their subtasks below them the sheet then is programmed to do calculate the hours available for non-scrum activities, repeating scrum, other non-tasks time hours.

As well as it also automatically generates a Pie chart for a quick review of the data of hours that are available for the teams to work.

Daily Scrum Meeting Template Excel

Step 1

First of all, you must write the Project name and also determine their sub-tasks that are necessary to do. Then determine or categorize your repeating scrum activities, repeated non-scrum activities, non-repeating activities, & non-task time.

Step 2

Then calculate each of the category’s subtasks that are calculated by the sheet automatically. Repeating Scrum activities are those that have to repeat at once before completion of the project.

Step 3

Non-Repeating scrum activities are those who do not repeat after one time as training, interviews, holidays/ travels etc. Repeating NON-scrum activities includes all those activities that are not the responsibility of the scrum team but of other departments repeatedly as quality insurance after every step.

Step 4

Then most importantly categorize your scrum teams and give each of them a name or an ID to identified in a sheet by that name or ID. Write all your teams’ names or ID’s in the columns to evaluate all teams individually.

Step 5

In the end, after you have entered all data correctly the sheet automatically calculates the total no working hours of the team and the hours remaining that are available to complete the Sprint. The higher the calculated rate of team the more the team is distracted from work.

Step 6

Additionally, the sheet automatically Generate a Pie Chart for the calculated data to graphically represent the data.

Scrum Capacity Planner

Check more detail on it via this link.

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In conclusion, this sheet would help you to keep stalking the performance of the Teams that how each team is performing on their own for the project and which team is spending more time as non-working hours.

As well as the remaining time that needs to complete the tasks or a project of this daily scrum meeting template excel.

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