Scrum capacity planning spreadsheet Template is used by the Project planning managers, and also scrum teams to keep in view different projects. It is used to measure the time required for a project to complete.


This template helps you to manage all the tasks better and as well as it also automatically calculates everything. It is very necessary for the project managers to keep track of all the data of the tasks to better perform all the functions and deliver good and best results to the customers and other partners.

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The Scrum Capacity Planning Spreadsheet Template is a valuable tool used by agile teams to effectively plan and manage their workloads.

This spreadsheet template provides a structured framework for estimating the capacity of the team and allocating tasks based on their availability.

It is specifically designed for teams following the Scrum methodology, which emphasizes iterative and incremental development.

The capacity planning spreadsheet allows teams to input key information such as team members’ availability, their estimated effort for each task, and the duration of the sprint or iteration.

With this data, the template automatically calculates the team’s total capacity for the sprint, taking into account any planned time off or non-working days. This provides a clear overview of the team’s available hours for the sprint.

In this, you can customize it as you want to add or remove unnecessary data from the sheet. You must have to enter all major tasks names and their sub-tasks below them the sheet then is programmed to calculate the hours available for non-scrum activities, repeating scrum, and other non-task time hours.

As well as it also automatically generates a Pie chart for a quick review of the data of hours that are available for the teams to work. Detail description of Why Scrum from a business perspective?


Using Scrum capacity planning spreadsheet Template

Track down some basic to fundamental steps for an efficient way of work management. Daily scrum meeting to supply chain management, you can manage all.

  1. Track the performance of the teams
  2. Best for performance tracking
  3. It helps you to calculate the Hours Individually.
  4. An efficient way to stalk the performance of teams
  5. Graphically represents the calculated data.
  6. An efficient way to do work.
  7. Effective record-keeping
  8. No hassles of manual working.

Scrum Capacity Planning Spreadsheet Template

How to Use Scrum capacity planning?

Step to-step guide regarding scrum planning.

Step 1

  1. First of all, you must write the Project name and also determine the sub-tasks that are necessary to do.
  2. Then determine or categorize your repeating scrum activities, repeated non-scrum activities, non-repeating activities, & non-task time.

Step 2

  1. Then calculate each of the category’s subtasks that are calculated by the sheet automatically.
  2. Repeating Scrum activities are those that have to repeat at once before the completion of the project.
  3. Non-Repeating scrum activities are those that do not repeat after one time as training, interviews, holidays/ travels, etc.

Step 3

Repeating NON-scrum activities includes all those activities that are not the responsibility of the scrum team but of other departments repeatedly as quality insurance after every step.

Step 4

Then most importantly categorize your scrum teams and give each of them a name or an ID to identify in a sheet by that name or ID.

Write all your teams’ names or IDs in the columns to evaluate all teams individually.

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Step 5

At the end, after you have entered all data correctly the sheet automatically calculates the total no-working hours of the team and the hours remaining that are available to complete the Sprint. The higher the calculated rate of the team the more the team is distracted from work.

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Sprint Capacity Planner Template Excel

Before starting each sprint you must track down daily reports in some sort of planning sheet of excel, so get the template and run your product development program.

Additionally, the scrum capacity planning spreadsheet template automatically Generates a pie Chart for the calculated data to graphically represent the data.

In conclusion, this sheet would help you to keep stalk the performance of the Teams how each team is performing on their own for the project, and which team is spending more time as non-working hours.

As well as the remaining time that needs to complete the tasks or a project.

By using the Scrum Capacity Planning Spreadsheet Template, teams can visualize and distribute work more effectively.

The template provides a clear breakdown of each team member’s capacity, helping to identify potential bottlenecks or overloading issues.

It allows the team to balance the workload across individuals, ensuring that no one is overwhelmed while others have insufficient tasks.

Furthermore, the template enables teams to track their progress and make adjustments as needed. As tasks are completed or new ones arise, the spreadsheet can be updated to reflect the changing capacity and distribute the workload accordingly.

This flexibility allows teams to adapt to evolving priorities and deliverables throughout the sprint.

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