How to work on dispatch report template in excel?  This template been used for daily inspection reporting of stock in pending, hold and in process for country wise customer. The template consists of various sheets and to help you using it effectively, here is the detailed information. This is Annually summarized report, if you want some changes in it, than our Excel Developer edit for your “FREE”


Customer Database

You are required to fill the following table, which is already filled with headings. Start by inputting information in all the cells, asking for OC# (serial number), customer (name of the customer), order # (order identification number), article # (unit number), color, cut quantity and order quantity.

It must be filled carefully as all the rest tables are filled on behalf of this data.

In process orders

This part of the template shows the real time information about the ongoing orders. To ensure all the assets of the organization is fully utilized, reducing overstocking of raw material and preventing short of it at the same time, this must be filled carefully.

You have to just add the OC#(serial number) and all the other information is filled in automatically from the customer database.

OC#, customer, order # and art# is general information.

More specific details are shown by color, cut quantity, ordered quantity, pack quantity.

Based on this information, fill %2 Q.A, loose and balance. Any remarks can be recorded in last column.



This table of the template shows the data related to any order, which is reopened and was on hold in the past. Boosting productivity of the organization, through keeping the fuss at minimum level, this template is excellent. This is filled in the same way as above.


Reduce delays through asset management whenever any order is being worked upon is main purpose of this section of the template. This table shows any project of the organization which was being worked upon and now it is on hold, due to any reason. It can be due to customer wish or unavailability of raw material in the market or due to work against the company policy. All the information required is same.

Ready for inspection

Orders which are already being completed and are ready for inspection are listed here. Before delivering any order to the customer it is checked and inspected for maximum satisfaction. You are now able to handle internal material efficiently through linking to this part of template.

Ready for dispatch

Once the order is inspected and ready for dispatching to the customer is added here. Complete the table in the same way as above. This is for maximum control and satisfaction of the client and for recording purpose as well.


Any products or materials which have been rejected from any of the above are added here. This part of the table shows productivity level of the organization and allows fair comparison possible both for months and years.

Dispatch detail

This part of the template shows the combined summary of all the above. You are required to enter daily dispatched quantity on particular date, this month total dispatched quantity on and this year total dispatched quantity on till.

Combined summary table consists of in process, RFI, RFD, hold, re-open, reject and therefore the total. Total (RFI & RFD) is then added in the last cell of the table.

Daily production

Daily production can be achieved for the maximum level through reducing delays in dispatching and improving existing business processes. This table shows your company daily production and therefore table consists of the headings, unit, quantity, fresh pack, repack. Grand total is calculated on behalf of this information.

Customer wise dispatch quantity breakup

You are able to make fair comparison according to the customers as well according to the divisions through this part of the template. This is filled automatically once the above mentioned tables are filled. It consists of division, customer name and quantity. It shows total dispatch, yearly target and balance from yearly target.

Dispatch Comparison According To the Years

Check out your company productivity for this year and the past years through this part of the template. It is filled automatically based on the information and data from above tables.

Grand Total Inspection Details

This is the grand total of all the inspection details and shows the total inspection based on passed audit’s, rejected audit’s and 2nd time ok units.

Customer Wise Dispatched Detail for the Month

This table shows you the customer wise dispatched detail and it can be maintained for all of your customers. The table consists of date, Gate pass #, OC#, customer, order #, art #, color, cutting, order quantity, shipped and container out of time. For different types of information, any heading can be modified according to the order preference.

So if you want to changes according to Your Company structure, than we will customize it for You “Free for Cost”


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