Certain tools which boost your projects speed and improve insight of the project include CRM as well; this is because multiple departments working on same project may not have fully visibility on the operations performed by other department. If your PM tool is well integrated with your customer relationship manager, you can see the improvement in the projects.


There is strong need of tool in each kind on company including construction companies. Project management component and schedules are designed based on, integration between two. Although the main roll differs for these two as CRM is actually designed to provide and helping in building customers relation while project management software is strongly for scheduling and planning projects, still there need to be integration between two.

Check Customer Relationship Management Template

Customer Relation Manager For integrating Your Business

Here are some common and simpler reasons mentioned for these:

Efficiently manage your supply chain

  • You are now able to monitor all the important details of your customers and suppliers.
  • This is also required for delivering project on time and any delay can be monitored at earlier stage.
  • You are always updated with the right set of information.

Easily get your customer and project data

  • Any decision may require both type of information, which can now be generated.
  • You are never confused over any data, as if there is integration between two.
  • Multiple storage places for data may create confusion, however you can avoid this.

Expanding your business is easy

  • Completing your projects on time means getting more projects from the same customers or even getting referral projects.
  • You are now able to expand your business in the new locations as well, through making integration between your and customer relationship manager software.
  • Maintaining good working relationships really matter in growing your business, therefore if you are actually interested in expanding it, you must overcome this purpose.
  • Helps in improving productivity as your manager can remain focused on the main goal.
  • Some sales dashboard tracking help to track customer.


CRM Project Management Open Source

Any miscommunication can arise between two managers and it may affect the overall working for the specific project, may causing its failure, which can be avoided through making good integrations between CRM and project management through open source. Business relationships with suppliers and customers are must powerful and successful.

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