How to create pert chart for graphical presentation of your project? I already upload some popular template in excel, PDF and PPT format for your project “up to Mark” in every aspect. Basically it’s a graphical summary with time-line. You can create different types of chart using typical styling tool of excl, although in advance excel you can create awesome chart also for online spreadsheet ability.


It’s a tool which you can use in initiating project planning for organization and balancing your schedule tasks. It’s a hierarchy and linked some connection by aside, so you can easily see the potential aspect of any project regarding its nature.

Evaluation and Review PERT Template

Use evaluation and review technique, you can analysis entire plan and generate report accordingly. Critical Path analysis for longer pattern helps you to summarize this one easily.

How to Create a PERT Chart in Microsoft Excel 2013

Pert usually stand for (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) create in very easy step, you can follow us one by one and at last you can be able to create some awesome Template for your Plan.

  • Easy schematic of the project schedule
  • Commonly Use data visualization tool.
  • Different than Gantt Chart
  • Automate processes, reduce manual errors.

In this way you can use different shape after go in to “insert” section different type of shapes you can seen like;

  • Lines
  • Rectangles
  • Basic Shapes
  • Block Arrows
  • Equation Shapes

After selecting shape you can change your diagram in different color variation, the border or fill color in background for differentiate other.

  • Go—– Format—-Shape Fill….. No Fill

So adding different shapes, linked to other using line, You can enter text in each shape after required editing.

  • Select Shape and Press CTRl+C (For Copy) and than paste CTRL=V

So finally you can create pert chart in excel format, Connect with us for creating this one in other format like Powerpoint and PSD, in word format you just simply cut and paste this one.

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