Check out some customer base sale executive dashboard template in Excel spreadsheet. Fortunately, excel templates, are requirement of time and suits best in each type of organization. They help you improve productivity, while you are never left behind in any challenging situation (i.e. project management templates keep you ahead of time).


Whether you are looking for spreadsheet, which can help you manage your personal finances, or if you need a fully prepared and formatted workbook for preparing financial statements of your company, you have it all in excel templates. Luckily, for those who are beginners of excel, or who are proficient in handling spreadsheets, they can equally take benefit from these spreadsheets! Various spreadsheet choices are available for all, and each one is not limited to any specific purpose, i.e. you can use same type of excel template for multiple objectives. Some customer relationship management template help you to create this one.

Sales Excel Dashboard Spreadsheet Templates

Here is a list of templates, which are consider most useful, and therefore are popular for various reasons. Let’s take a look at them and the features they carry for assisting you:

Excel Budget Planner Templates for sales Tracking

Tracking down your daily base sales and purchase expense is a way of controlling them and achieving your savings goals in limited time frame. Whether you are interested in managing your income and expenses efficiently, or your goals are to make investment, you need to prepare a budget of {limit sales} and act on it entirely. Strengthened management is possible in organizations and for the projects through getting these personalized dashboard templates and make changing’s as required (i.e., customizing them and changing the headings if required).

Pros of Excel Budget Planner

Regardless of your money goals, you are now able to achieve them with proper sale budgets and here are some amazing features of these excel spreadsheets:

Now realize your current earnings and expenses as well.

  • Your budgets are only effective, if they are based on current earnings and realistic financial data. Check out your income sources from one (Sales Excel Dashboard Spreadsheet Templates).
  • If you are using sale budget sheets, any lack of monthly income, may result in disturbing balance of the whole family, while budgeting is life-savior, helping you efficiently fulfilling basic expenses.
  • You are always able to realize best investing opportunities, and therefore generate good, handsome amount on your investments through your budgeting spreadsheet example.

You are able to spend in emergencies.

  • Any unexpected expenses can be handled efficiently.
  • You are able to kept aside some money monthly, and therefore prepare for financial obstacles, faced at your home or at workplace.
  • Attach all your receipts and other financial documents, along the template and therefore you are always able to track and monitor your expenses.


Excel Sales Financial Dashboard Template

Now go beyond your financial records, and get overview of your company assets and liabilities, through downloading excel financial statement templates. It is legal requirement, that companies are required to maintain their updated financial data, and whether you are looking for excel spreadsheet to prepare your balance sheet, or profit or loss account, or financial plan projection, excel have it all for you.

Pro Features of Sales Tracking and Reporting

Compare your performance of the companies in financial terms, through these professionally designed excel financial templates:

5 year financial plan template

  • For large companies, financial plans are prepared first, before they are acted upon. Any forecasting decisions based on realistic data, are more effectual and profitable.
  • Some RACI Matrix template help you to create this one for documentation.
  • Any decisions regarding, buying of bigger assets, are not taken instantly, (i.e. expenses like depreciation) are calculated initially.
  • Brand awareness policies, can be taken with more smart marketing strategies, which helps in building reputation quickly.

Restaurant Sale profit and loss statement.

  • These templates can be given more personalized touch, through adding your restaurant details like restaurant name, logo, and contact details.
  • Now you are able to maintain your expenses and profit effectively, and therefore automatically cover your expenses, through using these spreadsheets.
  • Make comparison of the sales, and manage your inventory for providing satisfying services to your clients, through downloading restaurant profit/loss sheet.

Balance sheet excel template

  • This sheet provides financial details of your business over the period. You are able to make comparison over the years through this sheet.
  • Owner’s equity, and assets type, can be recognized, and therefore any long term investments can be made efficiently.
  • Financial ratios hold significantly importance, and these can be seen from this balance sheet spreadsheet.

Project Management Dashboard Spreadsheet Templates

Organization performance can be improved if current productivity level is known and if more projects are being worked upon efficiently. Handling multiple projects require proper management and tracking of the milestones, therefore excel dashboard spreadsheet templates, are great in helping detecting financial risks and then preparing for them. Now you are better able to track down your projects efficiently due to project management dashboards and they are actually helpful in management.

Importance of Project Management

Now enhance your customer satisfaction through downloading these amazing templates and here are the features of these templates:

Sale issue tracker

  • Monitor what is going on in specific department, and what issues are faced by your project team, through downloading Sale issue tracker template.
  • Any issues which have not still hit the project, but their probability and chances are high, can be tracked down through dashboard prepared for the purpose.
  • Now plan and add them in the excel workbook and share it with your project team.

Gantt chart Excel Templates

  • View timeline of the deliverables of the project, through this excel sheet.
  • It helps in making changing in the schedules, if certain tasks are dependable and require more effective planning.
  • Any powerful planning and schedules with gantt chart template are only helpful if they are worked upon, and therefore you are now able to make your plans working through personalizing this spreadsheet.


Tracking Sales Excel Spreadsheets

  • Whether you are interested in tracking your sales volume or if it is required for tracking production schedules, these spreadsheets are helpful.
  • Employees timesheets are tracked down and they are given goals accordingly, to help them becoming more organized and achieving their goals daily.
  • As a student you are better able to track down study and examination period and then prepare for them effectively, through downloading this.

Excel Charts and Calendars Spreadsheet Templates

Now give tough competition to your competitors through using excel charts, calendar and workbook templates. Whether you are looking for calendar to maintain your health records, or if you are looking for monthly calendar to plan your monthly activities, excel spreadsheets are of great help. For the persons who are actually linked to any profession, or they need to manage their personal goals, this is possible through these simple and professionally designed templates.

These templates are not limited to any organization as they are part of each type of organization. To do lists and checklist templates are also part of these spreadsheet, which help you figure out any tasks and how to manage them. Track which of your activities of accomplished and, which of these are in the queue.

Scorecard Dashboard Template

Here is some scorecard dashboard template for baseball, football, cricket and volleyball. According to your Match you can get “Customize Sheet” in excel template.

More check out Sales Excel Dashboard Spreadsheet Templates for daily base monitoring and tracking. There are many companies, who already work on dashboard software, great! But expensive one if you don’t know about much technical expertise on excel.

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