Looking for resource planning template in excel format for multiple projects like recruitment or other HR template? So in this post I will describe some project management resource allocation tool/template for better business.

Resource planning is the process of making the plan in which to assess the level of resources that are needed to do a particular project. Resource planning is very mush important as budget planning is.  The plan that the project manager made of resources Is help them to use the correct and exact quantities that are needed to do a particular project. Therefore, when you are managing the multiple projects this is very crucial to plan the resources for the different projects to manage them very well.

Forecasted Resource Planning

Project management and its portfolio management is very necessary for the progress of the projects. For the projects to be successful this is very important to manage the resources very well. For multiple projects to handle, the resource planning is created in the planning phase of the project and the manager who manage or plan the resources also forecast the project resources utilization. The manager itself calculates the utilization rate of the resource.

Project Plan Dashboard Template Excel

A resource planning template for multiple projects is an invaluable tool for organizations and project managers to effectively allocate and manage resources across various projects.

This template serves as a centralized document that provides an overview of the resources available, their allocation to specific projects, and their utilization over time.

The resource planning template typically includes key information such as project names, project durations, resource types (e.g., human resources, equipment, materials), and resource quantities or capacities.

It allows project managers to identify potential resource conflicts or shortages, ensuring that each project has the necessary resources to meet its objectives.

The resource planning includes the planning and usage and consumption of the each project tasks. Also, it identifies or determine how much quantities are needed for the project, and as well as the resource utilization agenda.

This plan also includes and determine how much quantity of labor is required on a particular project, what are the core responsibility of the labor, what type of equipment is needed for the project to be done, total materials amount needed etc.

Resource Planning Template Excel


Resource Planning Template Excel for Multiple Projects

  1. Usage rate determined
  2. Determined the quantities
  3. Identify the material to be used in the project
  4. Project resource utilization is track
  5. Planned performance can be track
  6. Efficient use of planning
  7. The structured data sources
  8. Customizable
  9. Printable
  10. Handy to use.

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How to use this Resource Planning Template Excel?

  1. First of all to do in this template is to enlist all the resources that are available to you for the projects.
  2. Secondly, you must the enlist the team name who is responsible for the particular resource as there in the template shown that team A is responsible for the Resource A and the Resource C is the responsibility of the Team B to manage them well.
  3. Thirdly, you must enlist all the projects you have undertaken and for which you are planning the resources.
  4. Tasks the tasks must be mention in the projects. In front of the projects the tasks that are associated with the projects must be mentioned in front of them. The main project may have distributed into the different tasks. That task are must be mention with the projects.
  5. The Last Step, Mention the daily resource Allocation” as you can see in the template the everyday utilization of the resource and allocation of that resource under the team must be allocated in the front of the project.

With a resource planning template, project managers can prioritize projects based on resource availability and make informed decisions on resource allocation.

By having a comprehensive overview of resource utilization across multiple projects, managers can identify opportunities for resource sharing or consolidation, thereby maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

Furthermore, the template can also incorporate information on resource costs, enabling project managers to estimate and track project budgets more effectively. This information helps in identifying any budgetary constraints and making adjustments accordingly.

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In conclusion this resource planning template excel for multiple project is very useful for the project managers therefore, you must try it at once.

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