No 1 Recruitment tracker of all time.

Looking for Recruitment Tracker Template or applicants/candidates job tracking system in Microsoft database template of Excel? Recruitment isn’t a difficult task anymore when you have this “Excel” base tracker for monitoring not only present statistics but also you can overview past data.

This template made by Template124 for our “HR Manager” help. Spreadsheet of excel makes this easy, just you input some basic information with hiring date, then you can get output sheet, which person to hire yet, which reject for whatever reason.

The best ever recruitment template for HR Manager, and other recruiting agencies.

A Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet is an invaluable HR Excel template that revolutionizes the recruitment process. It serves as a centralized tool for HR professionals to streamline and manage the hiring process from start to finish. This comprehensive spreadsheet allows recruiters to keep track of all candidates, their application status, interview schedules, and key evaluation criteria.

The Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet offers several key features that enhance efficiency and organization. Firstly, it provides a dedicated section to record candidate information, including their name, contact details, job position, and relevant qualifications. This section acts as a comprehensive database, enabling recruiters to easily search and sort candidates based on specific criteria.



  1. Microsoft Excel 2010-2013 and above for Windows
  2. Microsoft Excel 2016 and above for Mac

Benefit of Recruitment Tracker Template

Here is some basic set of the template, make sure you put values, to perform result in the further sheet.

  1. Enter info. In “Settings sheet“.
  2. Fill jobs data in the Jobs sheet.
  3. Enter every application you receive.
  4. Time-saving and effortless records.
  5. Evaluate each application.
  6. Can be used for vacant positions, or replacing an employee
  7. Enter the date in Applications sheet.
  8. Enter ‘HIRED’ or ‘NOT HIRED’ in the Application Status column.
  9.  Enter the Decline Reason if the candidate was not hired.
  10. Enter the cost of filling the Job in the Cost field.
  11. View Dashboard anytime
  12. Look out for the change, after each new selection.
  13. View the performance of recruitment process.
  14. Regularly save your work.

Home spreadsheet- Design & Layout

This sheet is actually designed to help you get started with and get the overview of the template. Whether a one is a pro in excel or if he is a beginner, he is able to perform efficiently on this template through understanding this spreadsheet.

Tips to avoid mistakes are beneficial as you are dedicating your time and effort while using this template, therefore any mistake may result in losing the data or affecting the whole calculation process, therefore go through the tips and utilize them. Instructions and simple data entry processes are also added up in this spreadsheet, therefore you can understand how to get the best results from this template.

Settings Sheet of Recruitment Tracker Template

This is the first sheet of the template, actually requiring your working and it must be filled carefully as it can be followed for whole of the template.

Recruitment stages

  • Enter unique recruitment stages
  • Can handle up to 6 (including hiring)
  • Leave blank, for the stages not required
  • Stages include application, phone screen, MGR interview, onsite interview, offer and hire.

Application sources

It shows where most of the applications are received.

  • Enter the list of application sources (up to 15)
  • Application sources may include, LinkedIn, website, indeed, agency and more.

Decline reasons

Add decline reasons for the application here.

  1. Enter a list of decline reasons up to 15
  2. Decline reasons may include, technical, culture, salary, experience or other.

Jobs Sheet in Excel- Hiring Manager Basic Info

This spreadsheet of the tracker provides jobs information. It must be filled manually, while some fields are filled in automatically and they are colored green. Don’t interfere with these cells. Don’t insert anything above row 5. It consists of:


  1. Job ID
  2. Job title
  3. Job location
  4. Hiring manager
  5. Department
  6. Job type
  7. Job level
  8. Recruiter name
  9. Job posted date
  10. Positions
  11. Status
  12. Cost
  13. Customized or optional fields
  14. Calculated fields include, completed, number hired, to hire, days in the market, the number of applications and total cost.
  15. Required fields are also shown

Blue Color Values {Insert Manually}

Green Color Values {Automatically}

Makes sure You “do not enter any values in Green Color”

Applications Statistics & Monitoring Sheet

For smooth results, you are required to enter all the new applications received for the position in this spreadsheet. It will show all the information related to the applications received.

Most of the table is required to fill in manually, while cells which will show automatic calculations are colored green. Don’t interfere with these cells and start filling after row 5. It consists of of

  1. Job ID for which the application was sent.
  2. Candidate name that is the applicant.
  3. Application source (Select from the sources options on the right)
  4. Application date (when it was received)
  5. Phone screen date (when it was held)
  6. Interview date (when it was held after phone)
  7. Onsite interview
  8. Offer date
  9. Hired date
  10. Application status (select from the hired or not hired)
  11. Decline reason
  12. Comments (any additional comments can be added here)
  13. Customized columns for anything you are interested in

Automatically calculated columns include, job title, stage, error, hired date, job status, days in market, job row, number to hire, job days in market, job cost, job posted to date, job location, hiring manager, job type, job level recruiter, department, hired month, year and completed year and month.

HR Dashboard 

This part of the recruitment dashboard template is designed to show you the performance metrics and is a very important tool to help you make smarter and flexible decisions for your business. With the filters, this is even easier. Filters include job status, job completed per month, job location, recruiter, department and job level.

Select any slicer and view the details for it in the form of automated dashboards, covering the entire metrics for it.

Dashboard for all

This is entirely automated, based on the information filled in the previous spreadsheets and on the basis of the selected filter. It is not only an excellent way of getting aware of the details, in fact, but it is also designed to keep the user focus in it as well.

The funnels cover, hired, apps per hire, days to hire, cost per hire, open positions and days in the market. For any changing in the previous spreadsheets, don’t forget to refresh the table to get the latest, updated results.

Recruitment Funnel

It shows the visual presentation of the recruitment process. It may be required in meeting or conference process so that the recruitment procedure can be discussed among top management or recruiter manager or among company partners.

It shows applications percentage, phone screen interview, manager interview percentage, onsite interview percentage, and offer and hires percentage as well in the form of a funnel.

Monthly metrics

Any details for the specific month are shows through this dashboard. It covers monthly metrics for the past 12 months and shows the month, hired and days to hire. Select any specific month to look upon these details in that particular month.

Pipeline efficiency of hiring

Now analyze your company hiring process and how efficiently it is actually carried out through this dashboard. It shows days taken for each stage in the recruitment process and covers application, phone screen, manager interview, onsite interview, offer and hire.

Application sources

Details information of the sources of the applications is shown by this dashboard. It shows details analysis through consisting of application sources list, number hired a percentage of hiring and conversion rate.

Decline reasons

Now view most of the decline reasons for the rejected candidates through this dashboard. It shows the decline reason list, the number of applications and percentage of applications rejected.

Active pipeline

Visualize active pipeline through this dashboard. It shows recruitment and pending applications as well.

Job Report Sheet of HR Tracker 

This part of the spreadsheet shows details for any specific job and position. This is required for detailed analysis as well as helpful in making discussions within company premises. It consists of

  1. Job ID (select it)
  2. All the details are filled in automatically for the current pipeline
  3. For the pending applications fill in the tables consisting of candidate name, status, and comments.

Candidates Sheet

An additional spreadsheet is designed to help you get to the selected candidate instantly through adding his contact details in it, however, it is for optional use. Added fields are candidate ID, first name, last name, location, email phone, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and notes.

So What about “Template124” template of “HR manager” for “Free Customization” of

Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet Excel you just need to comment us after purchase Via Email or here.

Moreover, the spreadsheet includes columns to track the different stages of the recruitment process. Recruiters can update the status of each candidate, such as “Applied,” “Screened,” “Interviewed,” or “Offered.”

This real-time tracking ensures that no candidate is overlooked, and recruiters can easily identify the stage at which each candidate is in the process.

The Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet also enables recruiters to schedule interviews efficiently. They can record the date, time, and location of each interview, along with the names of the interviewers and any additional notes.

This feature ensures that interview logistics are well-organized, reducing the chances of scheduling conflicts or miscommunications.

Another important aspect of the spreadsheet is the ability to evaluate candidates based on predefined criteria. Recruiters can include relevant skills, qualifications, and experience required for the job, and rate candidates on each criterion.

This evaluation process helps in comparing and selecting the most suitable candidate for the position.

Overall, the Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet is an essential tool for HR professionals seeking to streamline and manage their recruitment process effectively.

It provides a centralized platform to record and track candidate information, manage the different stages of recruitment, schedule interviews, and evaluate candidates.

By utilizing this HR Excel template, recruiters can enhance their efficiency, reduce administrative burden, and make informed hiring decisions.

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