According to 5th edition of PMI BOK download project stakeholder management template in Microsoft excel/Word template.


Create a clear communication plan to drive results for your project with project stakeholder management templates! The best project management plan ever.

Keep a stakeholder analysis and project management simpler process & balance between them with your project management dashboard templates!

Stakeholder Management

Categorize your project stakeholders according to their power and interest in the project with ready to use project stakeholder management templates

Engage the right people in the right way with your projects and ensure their success with project management excel templates.

Professional Dashboard Layout

Looking for professional and user friendly excel dashboard templates for easy project controlling and planning? Get them here now!

Project Stakeholder Management Templates

Project Stakeholder Management Templates

With templates you are able to understand your stakeholder goals and expectations from the project! Project success is actually keeping a successful link between project management and the satisfaction of the stakeholders as well! Depending on the nature of project and the stakeholders attach, they are different in their role and interest with the project.

“Being a project manager is like being an artist, you have the different colored process streams combining into a work of art”. (Greg Cimmarrusti PMP).

The state of art and strategies are not only required to deal with negative project stakeholders, but to keep both positive and negative stakeholders satisfy with your project plan and working! With your management templates you can now identify needs of your project stakeholders!

Identify right communication plan for each stakeholder

It is necessary to have a planned strategy, to communicate with each project stakeholder! This is because each one of them has different access level and impact on the specific project and with right communication gap you can keep tem satisfy with your project which is very important!

Classification of project stakeholders

In all honesty some of the project stakeholders are actually primary stakeholders while others are secondary to your project! How to classify or categorize your project stakeholders? With project stakeholder management templates, you now have the list of all the project stakeholders and classification of them as well! Communicate right person at the right time with this template!

Managing stakeholders smartly

Even if two project stakeholders are looking like, they may have different issues and issues management with the specific stakeholder can be dealt efficiently with your ready to go this bundle! Uncover improvement opportunities for your projects and project stakeholders to manage them well with the tool available to you all the time!

Satisfying goals and objectives of your project stakeholders

Template you actually have an individual section showing the specific needs of the project stakeholder and therefore you are able to satisfy a specific project stakeholder easily! Revise or share project stakeholder goals with other project leaders as well!


Project outline

Project outline is actually a process consisting of multiple stages including, strategic case, economic case & commercial case! Strategic case includes strategic delivery option and constraints while economic case includes appraisals and key findings! Create your project outline easily with project stakeholder management template now with stage plan, project proposal, RACI matrix and Project brief!



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