Looking for Project Portfolio Dashboard template excel? Here is some incident, MIS, Call center, Sales and other multiple tracking projects dashboard available.

Check some example of “KPI Dashboard” for project monitoring and tracking. This template had been use in different planning and activities. It is important to have clear picture of the company products and services and all about other factors including capital assets to make short term and strategic plans for the company. Due to growing demand of same type of product and “challenges in competitive” marketing collaborative decision making is required and it must be implemented, which is possible through snapshot of the company financial position.

Portfolio monitoring template is prepared for the purpose of providing updated and realistic set of information for portfolio valuation for client and transactions valuation and therefore ensures you are able to get most from this template for better control in your company. Now get transparency and visibility of highest level from this excel template.

Categories consisting of domestic cash/mortgages, domestic shares, domestic fixed interest, domestic property, domestic diversified, international cash/mortgages, international fixed interest, international property and international diversified.

This project portfolio dashboard template excel can be downloaded for meeting purpose and it printable form helps in making smarter decisions and making long term plans for companies.

The Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel is an essential tool for tracking and managing multiple projects within an organization.

This template provides a comprehensive overview of the project portfolio, allowing project managers and stakeholders to monitor progress, identify risks, and make informed decisions.


Pros of Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel

Now make a look at some main advantages of this template and how it is actually beneficial for your organization:

  • You are no longer required to worry about resource utilization as this template provides all the realistic data about available resources and how they can be managed in the most beneficial ways.
  • To earn profit from projects, it is important to have clear picture of the projects and profit from them as well. Companies are required to make decisions regarding which projects to give priority on basis of profit earning, which is shown in this template.
  • You are able to make fruitful and smart decisions as they are actually based on updated information and valuation from client perceptive. This is also better for stabilizing your company position in competitive market.
  • You are able to outline projects, which are not actually contributing in company success and not earning profit as expected, therefore they are given less importance and same types of projects may not be accepted in future. It actually reduces risk.

Portfolio Monitoring Template Features

Make a look at some of the amazing features of this “Project Portfolio Dashboard template excel” and consider how it is helpful compared to others:

It helps you monitor data and making decisions based on it.

  • Organizing mass amount of data and presenting it in a way, that it is well understood is not an easy job.
  • Download this template and it will reduce down cost of hiring extra personnel for organizing all this data.
  • It is divided up in spreadsheets, therefore you are able to select the required sheet and it will provide you information regarding specific category.

It helps you understand “resource management” and provide valuation from customer perceptive.

  • Success of your company is based on satisfying your customers as well as having up to dated information, which is quality of this KPI Dashboard template.
  • You are able to recognize and make comparison between the domestic and international transactions and how they are affecting your company strategic plans.
  • At the end you are able to get all this data in the dashboard form, shown up in the graph form, saving your time and saving any extra effort. It can be used for meeting purpose as well.

KPI Dashboard:- Download 

Example of KPI Dashboard for Project Portfolio

This template is prepared in excel tool and it can utilized for any version of excel. It consists of 5 spreadsheet and designed in a manner to provide you maximum comfort and saving your time. Just download this template and start using it.

KPI Portfolio Valuation for Client

This part of the template provides valuation of business from customer perceptive. You are required to fill some part of the sheet and rest is done automatically. The upper part of the sheet consists of name of portfolio owner, denomination of values, start date and date of valuation. You are able to add new product or remove existing product without disturbing the whole sheet from the options available.

KPI Portfolio Transactions for Clients

This part of the project portfolio dashboard template excel, provides information regarding portfolio transactions for clients for period ended as mentioned and filled by you. Values are shown in dollars; you are able to ask for customization if these values are required in any other currency. The headings are listed below:

  • Product name (you are able to use it for any product)
  • Description
  • Type
  • Date
  • Units
  • Unit price
  • Net amount
  • Tax amount
  • Gross amount
  • Performance calculations

Portfolio Performance Dashboard for Client

Fill this part of the template to get updated information regarding portfolio performance for client and then making decisions based on this data. You are able to design attractive and professional portfolio which is possible through all this data, through this spreadsheet. It shows all this data for any specific period and values are shown in dollars. It consists of:

  • Product name
  • Value at start of period
  • Capital ad or withdrawn in period
  • Current valuation
  • Capital invested over period
  • Income distributed over period
  • Net return over period
  • Annual return since inception
  • Prior return

Chandoo-Excel Dashboard

Portfolio Dashboard Transaction History for Client

This part of the template is designed to help you get the history of the client and the values are shown in dollar for both domestic and international property and other factors. This is also required for making further investments in your company. This is even more difficult for companies if you have number of clients. It consists of:

  • Investment
  • Description (where investment is made)
  • Transaction
  • Date
  • Units
  • Units price
  • Net amount
  • Tax amount
  • Gross amount

Portfolio Monitoring & Tracking Graph

This part of the template shows graph for current asset allocation for client on any specific date, therefore monitor all this detail through graph. This part of the spreadsheet consists of table showing portfolio performance snapshots and it consists of categories, allocation and value.

The dashboard template offers a visual representation of key project metrics, such as project timelines, milestones, budgets, and resource allocation. It enables users to track the status of each project, including the percentage of completion and any deviations from the original plan.

This information is presented in easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and tables, allowing for quick analysis and comparison across projects.

One of the significant advantages of using the Project Portfolio Dashboard Template is the ability to identify potential bottlenecks or resource conflicts across multiple projects.

With this tool, project managers can allocate resources effectively and ensure that they are being utilized optimally.

It also helps in identifying any projects that may be at risk of falling behind schedule or going over budget, allowing for proactive intervention to mitigate any issues.

Moreover, the dashboard template facilitates communication and collaboration among project teams and stakeholders.

It provides a centralized platform to share project updates, documentation, and important files, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and has access to the latest information. This transparency helps in fostering accountability and enables timely decision-making.

In conclusion, the Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel is a valuable tracking tool that enhances project management efficiency and enables effective decision-making.

By providing a comprehensive overview of the project portfolio, it enables stakeholders to monitor progress, identify risks, and allocate resources effectively. With its user-friendly interface and visual representation of key metrics, this template streamlines communication and collaboration, ultimately contributing to the successful execution of projects within an organization.

The Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel is a powerful tool used for tracking and managing projects within an organization.

This template provides a comprehensive overview of multiple projects, allowing project managers and stakeholders to monitor progress, identify risks, and make informed decisions.

The dashboard template is designed to streamline project tracking by consolidating key information in one central location.

It includes various sections and visualizations that provide a holistic view of the project portfolio. These sections typically include project summaries, timelines, resource allocation, budget tracking, and risk analysis.


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