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Looking for a Vehicle Mileage Log template in free Excel format? Here is a printable sheet of Microsoft Excel for calculating logs in an easy way. This is a simple one-sheet document basically used for any vehicle performance. In big scenarios, car companies have been used customized software for tracking every vehicle’s mileage either in the testing phase or operation phase.

Multiple Vehicle Mileage in Different branches

Company statistics must show in the above column of the sheet, if multiple companies had been used that sheet then you may need to customize it, for example, if you have more than one Vehicle branch and need to manage every branch vehicle mileage. You must require some dashboard reporting sheet of excel, which shows the of vehicle performance in different branches of your companies.

Check out the basic Stat of Vehicle Mileage Log,

  • Total Mileage
  • Total Gas Cost
  • Total Gallons Of Gas
  • Average MPG
  • Total Maintenance Cost

The Vehicle Mileage Log Template Excel is a convenient tool designed to help individuals and businesses track and record their vehicle mileage efficiently. This template is built in Microsoft Excel, a widely used spreadsheet program that offers flexibility and ease of use.

The purpose of a mileage log is to keep an accurate record of the distance traveled by a vehicle for various purposes, such as business trips, tax deductions, or reimbursement claims.

By using this template, users can effortlessly monitor their mileage and maintain organized records for future reference.

Company-Based Vehicle Mileage Log Template Excel

In the first “Employee Name” (Who is handling all vehicle operations) enter in the above section, the man responsible for the record of every vehicle. You must appoint someone as Sub-ordinates you take that responsibility and perform that require action.

Date of Tracking: – (Mention Data and Time, our developer is trying to add the 2017 year calendar for more optimized and operational usage)

Destination Enter: – (City, Town and Area, Person bio address here must)

Business Purpose: – (vehicle Activity based on business or Private usage)

Odometer Reading: – (Here we mention “Start” “Stop” and Miles this trip, Meter must read out before enter values here)

Expenses: – (Cost in terms of usage of (Oil, gas, Tolls) or other expense must mention

Make sure you read odometer when vehicle start to end destination, in this way you can track not only distance base mileage of vehicle but also area wise, if area is rough (off road) than you feel difference in mileage when same action perform in equally distance area.  Mileage tracker is simple but effective tracker for judging performance. For customization of Vehicle Mileage Log Template Excel Ask for customization service.

The template typically includes columns where users can input essential information like the date of travel, starting and ending locations, purpose of the trip, total mileage, and any additional notes.

With a well-structured layout, the template allows users to easily enter and update information, making it a convenient tool for keeping track of multiple vehicles or trips.

One of the major advantages of using an Excel-based mileage log template is its flexibility. Users can customize the template according to their specific needs, adding or removing columns as required.

This adaptability allows users to tailor the template to match their unique tracking requirements, whether it’s for personal use or for managing a fleet of vehicles.


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