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Looking for commercial & residence Invoice for tracking & monitoring record? Properly tracking and recording rent amounts receive from your tenants is now possible easily through getting rent receipt template Excel.

If you are a UK resident and you are renting out any of your asset. You may need to record these financial transactions as to prevent any legal trouble over any asset. This invoice is ready to download and 3 copies are generate for each transaction as 1 for owner, one for customer and third one for accounting purpose.

A Rent Invoice Template in Excel is a valuable tool for landlords and property owners in the UK. This template provides a convenient and organized way to generate professional invoices for rent payments. Excel, being a widely-used spreadsheet software, allows for easy customization and calculation of rental amounts, making it an ideal platform for creating such templates.

The Rent Invoice Template in Excel UK typically includes sections to input the landlord’s and tenant’s details, such as names, addresses, and contact information. It also incorporates fields for specifying the rental period, start and end dates, and the due date for payment. Additionally, the template usually includes a section to list the details of the rented property, such as its address, type, and any additional charges or fees.

Rent Invoice Template Excel UK Format

Check out some of the key features of the template, making it perfect choice for recording purpose.

It can be used for both personal and business process.

  • No restriction for its usage as it can be excellent choice for both personal and business use.
  • UK customers can fully rely on this template invoice, as it includes all the fields require for this region.

It ensures easy data incorporation.

  • Separate spreadsheets available for recording purpose.
  • All the fields are already mentione, you are require to just incorporate data in settings section and all the rest is done itself.
  • It is prepare in excel tool, which is excellent for input of data easily.

With the Rent Invoice Template in Excel UK, landlords can effortlessly calculate the total amount due by inputting the rental rate and duration. The template automatically calculates the subtotal and allows for the inclusion of any applicable taxes or deductions. Furthermore, it often includes a designated space to add specific terms and conditions or any additional notes regarding the payment or property.

More about the Template

Settings {Rental Type}

This part of the template is hidden, however you are require to fill it manually and the other spreadsheets will fill automatically. It consists of:

  • Rental type (depending on your company policy, you must enter all the assets you are giving on rent like car, van, house or resort)
  • Time (add it according to your preference that is in half an

Hour interval or 1 hour interval)

Client data

This part of the template consists of your client’s information, to which you have given your assets on rent. This consists of:

  • Your company name
  • For the month of
  • Date
  • Client ID
  • Client name
  • Rental type
  • Model
  • Description
  • Rate per hour
  • Time in
  • Time out
  • Total hours
  • Amount
  • Discount (if any)
  • Amount require to be paid

Rent Receipt {Printable Format}

This part of the template is automatically generate on the basis of client data. This comes in 3 copies holding information like rent receipt; (#, date, client ID, client name, period from to, total rental amount). It also shows how payment is made through holding options like payment made by cheque, cash or money order?

If you want to edit or customize in this Rent invoice template excel, than contact us.


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