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Looking for recruitment tracker template in excel? Download Recruitment manager template for the hiring process. Efficient system for conducting applicants interview and record for future need. Easily manage both “On Site” and PHONE SCREENING” at different sources or channel.

For making the process of selection and recruitment much easier and efficient, recruitment management excel template xlsx {2017 format} is designed so that you are always ahead of time, and must able to analyze best candidates for the new position or for replacing an existing employee while keeping costs and time management as well.

Quick Facts:

  1. Update to 2019 Year (2.0)
  2. Add Teams members for tracking candidates during recuitment process

Human resource department in the company is required to look upon for various aspects, assessing the performance of existing employees, looking for the increment process and therefore taking notices or replacing decisions, and this is facilitated through this good design spreadsheet.

Overview Dashboard

How Recruitment Manager Template Working?

Template Xlsx Benefits

Make your life easier through getting this template and help out your HR department as well:

  1. Smooth functioning of business may require new employees to be hired or may require arranging for them in the shorter time period, depending on the nature of designation.
  2. Key aspects of the vacant positions can be analyzed properly and therefore best candidate can be select for the position, through organizing data, maintain in this template.
  3. Companies who prefer internal recruitment over external recruitment, is required to keep organize the system in the company, and looking for all the aspects of the job, therefore proper records are required.
  4. Experience and qualified candidates can be select, which become an asset and a good resource for the companies in the upcoming time period.
  5. Assessing performance and remuneration of employees, require, deep consideration, which can be efficiently looked upon by your human resource department.
  6. Dashboards help in providing a visual display of the declining reasons, application sources, regionally applications, monthly matrices, and cost on any select hiring.

Recruitment Management Excel Template XlSX Features

Managing recruitment and selection, while staying organized is now possible through making this template part of your company when carrying out the filling process for the jobs. Here are some features of this template, which can help you better understood the need for it:

  1. Recruitment can be data uniting task, if your company or workplace is operating in multiple regions and applications receive and other data handling require the electronic form.
  2. Manual recording and application keeping and other follow up steps for hiring, can result in increasing costs and affecting other ongoing operations, however, this can now avoide through this excel sheet.
  3. Easily understood format and anyone outside the recruitment process is also able to look upon different aspects of the hiring and application sources as well.

Easier to retrieve information and prevent misunderstanding of any sort

  1. Depending on the company size and hiring requirements, different factors are analyze when selecting the right candidate for the job, and the recruitment manager may require to ask for the information again.
  2. Retrieving information anytime, or for the same job title, but the different position can be even more confusing, which can facilitate through multiple excel spreadsheets use for this template.
  3. It visually displays all of the candidates and job information in tabular and dashboard form as well.

Pipeline efficiency metrics and all the other aspects of the selection can be seen from a well prepared and user engaging dashboard.

  • HR manager is able to discuss the shortlist candidates with any other person through using the dashboard.
  • The dashboards are filled automatically, therefore it can be even taken in printable form and declining rate, summary metrics, application sources and cost can be seen from it.
  • Time-saving and effortless approach to saving your recruitment data.

How to Use Recruitment Tracker {Applicant}

The template is designed by our professional team to help your HR department while carrying out the selection and recruitment process as it can be really complicated and time taking the task.

The template is designed to keep working simple, therefore it can be handled easily by your recruitment manager, however, it can be a little complicated, if you are not completely following the user guide and tips and help add here, to help you get to start with. Multiple spreadsheets are part of this excel template to keep data in most organize and manage form and help you access it whenever required.

Tips for Using Template Smartly

  1. Do not edit calculate cells, as they are part of most of the sheets. These cells make automatic calculations for you, as formulas are inserted in these cells.
  2. You are strongly recommended to check out the “help terms” as well, before getting the start as they must be understood.
  3. Carefully fill out settings spreadsheet, as it is followed throughout the template.
  4. Date must in specific format, i.e. “date, month and year”, (4 March 2017). Do not change the format of the date; otherwise, it might cause an error in the spreadsheet.
  5. Whenever using a dashboard, spreadsheet, don’t forget to refresh it to get the update results.
  6. Regularly save the work, so that any problem may not cause you losing your data.
  7. Require fills are marking with “required *” which must fill, while others are optional fields.

(Press Ctrl+Al+F5) to refresh calculations.

Note:-  Discussion in not yet End, You must review “How to Use that Template?”  Ask “Free Customization” for this Recruitment Manager template. Template124 team always be there for your help.

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    i will rate it 5 stars. This is big help for my recruitment process.

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    It seems very handy and useful specially for Recruitment Manager. Request to please share me the copy to trial.

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