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Template124 recently upload a product relates to HR manager, so easy to manage thousands of applications of an applicant’s daily to monthly basis. Forecasting of any job in routine circle expense some issues, so check this recruiting management tracker. In this interactive dashboard you experience multiple “auto calculated” portion, which manage and identify easy open position in “Days in MKT”.

You can easily calculate “Hired” “application Per Hire” related to “Days to Hire” and other expense relates calculation “Cost per hire” in summarize overview in front of dashboard.

Check more detail here.

A Recruitment Dashboard Excel Template is a powerful tool used by organizations to track and manage their recruitment activities. This template provides a visual representation of key recruitment metrics and data, allowing recruiters and hiring managers to make informed decisions and improve the overall recruitment process.

The Recruitment Dashboard Excel Template typically includes various sections and charts that provide an overview of the recruitment pipeline. It allows users to track the number of open positions, the number of applicants for each position, and the stage at which each applicant is in the recruitment process. This information helps recruiters identify bottlenecks and take necessary actions to streamline the hiring process.

Dashboard of Applicants Tracker

Useful small excel base software for record your every single applicants in overall recruiting system. Which manager duty? Job type in different department, Job location, and job completed year MTH and other such detail overview in single sheet.


Keep eye of source, so that next time you will be manage your expense better in different media.

Application Sources

Which channel is the best for quality applicants? It’s depend on channel conversion rate, more percentage of channel more reliable that channel. After collecting data best channel select auto and plan future aspects.

Decline Reason

Separate column show you No of decline reason of bulk candidates, which further help you for investing on particular “sources”.

Active Pipeline

This section show “no of application, Phone screen, MGR Interview, Onsite Interview and offer.


Pipeline Efficiency of Hiring Chart

In this chart you can see multiple option relates to Active pipeline in a different chart shape.

So buy now recruitment dashboard excel template in first look,  best way to project management and resolve team collaboration and outsourcing issues.

Moreover, the template often includes charts and graphs that depict important recruitment metrics, such as the time-to-fill for different positions, the source of applicants, and the diversity of the candidate pool. These visuals enable recruiters to assess the effectiveness of their sourcing strategies, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to improve recruitment outcomes.

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