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Identifying potential stakeholders is fundamental aspect of any project therefore a free yet premium quality project stakeholder management templates excel are now available for project managers here! The design of this excel spreadsheet is an auxiliary arrangement of the enterprise direction plan and can be utilize as blueprint for project as well. It is important to spotlight project necessities, procedures, and systems. Moreover a system for connecting with partners in view of an examination of their needs, interests, and capacities to affect the task. Project stakeholders can be external or internal but they do affect your business to some extent.

All template is according to PMI guideline for plan any project.

According to Wikipedia, “Stakeholder management creates positive relationships with stakeholders through the appropriate management of their expectations and agreed objectives.”

With smart project stakeholder management theory, it won’t just clear the way of potential obstacles, it will effectively boost quick advancement in processes. Furthermore it eventually enhances the nature of the outcomes for your project. The objective of business is not only to keep their stakeholders happy, it id s way of ensuring success and achieving companies goals alongside it as well!

Project Stakeholder Management Templates

Format of Project Stakeholder Management Templates Excel

Discover the stunning layout of the sheet as well as it components by reading down about the template:

General information

Do you have an idea about key stakeholders of your project? With this template, you can now identify all of them!

  • Enter your company logo. Adjust the size if doesn’t fit automatically on the page.
  • Now enter your company name and company address.
  • Fill out company phone number, fax number and email address. Now enter the project name and phases for it!

Project Stakeholder Management Templates

Project sponsor approval

Do you know about influence of specific stakeholders, their motivation level and their level of engagement in your company?

Here a table with content is available. The headings consist of, prepared by, reviewed by and approved by project sponsor!

  • Fill out this table with appropriate content.

Stakeholder identification

Project stakeholders can be external or internal and company and project manager must be aware of them to carry out his job efficiently!

With this template you have a snapshot regarding your company stakeholders and about managing them efficiently as well.

Stakeholder register

Project stakeholder management plan can be prepared with this part of the template. Consisting of an individual table it consists of headings, full name, and position, role in the project, contact information, requirements, expectations, influence level and power level.

An example for this may consists of, full and last name in name, role or designation in position, owner or resident e.g in role in the project, phone number or email address in contact information, requirements and expectations, high or low in influence level and you are done.

Power interest grid

A colorful grid is available therefore showing each of the stakeholder and his role in the project. It is drawn between power and influence showing high power and low influence, high power and high influence, low power and high influence and low power and low influence.

These Project Stakeholder Management Templates Excel has been design according to PMP BOK 5th Edition, so make sure about it. A list of templates can review through main product page.


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