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File Name:- Project Plan Dashboard Template

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Project plan dashboard template excel is made to help gatherings to oversee distinctive tasks, resources. You can without quite a bit of an extend incorporate any number of endeavors, activities and name to any individual in your groups. This will be your Project Management System to perform and track fluctuation of limits while tackling any undertaking.


It recognizes on which date is venture is given and who is the people to whom it is appoint and also it likewise distinguishes how much days are left in the fulfillment of the undertakings. In this way, it is required for the effective organizations to be productive by dealing with their tasks portfolios proficiently and on time.

This format diminishes time and decrease the weight to physically compose every one of the insights about the organizations. You can likewise track every one of the financial plans and expenses cause on a specific task.

Benefits of using Project plan Dashboard

In which complete project management set-up lie, mean role and authority of each member in particular project. This one is interactive dashboard template, so if you have some technical experience regarding Macros and Excel, than you can edit it yourself or ask for Tecmplate124 team.

  1. Track Menaces and Matters and Critical Level
  2. You can screen the Movement
  3. You can screen the Activity Weekly, Monthly and Yearly
  4. You can screen the assignments and it’s status of various ventures.
  5. Monitoring of Budget Actual versus Spent
  6. You can track the execution of more than one anticipate at one time
  7. Management of different activities
  8. Efficiency in record following and conveying
  9. Enhance consumer loyalty
  10. Effectively conveyance of wanted variable.
  11. Easy to utilize
  12. Flexible
  13. Customization
  14. You can check the status of each undertaking


 How to Use project Plan Dashboard Template?

Projects planning dashboard includes the following information the project manager must enter into the template:

  1. Projects Management

Firstly, dashboard entertains you with the information of the projects that how many projects on which the teams are working currently. as well as from this number this spreadsheet tells you how much projects are completed or done.

  1. Budgets Management

It will also tell the user or project manager that how much amount is spent on the projects and how much is remaining from the budget ceiling. As shown in the sheet $2.4 billion has been spent and 75% amount is spent from the 100% ceiling.

  1. Teams Allocations

Teams section enlighten the team management details. It shows the total number of members of various teams. As well as it shows the number series of each team that shows which number teams complete its tasks and how much percentage of it.

  1. Risks Management

The risk column also shows us that how much total risks are involved in a project and its completion. As well as you can manage any change during the project phase, so help from my post change request management template.

  1. Issues Management

It also shows that how much issues are occurring or involved currently in the project completion.

Excel issue tracking in Project Management {Template}

  1. Next 6 months forecast

This dashboard also has a section named as next 6 months in below projects. That means it shows the following information about the projects

  • Projects end
  • Activities start
  • Activities end
  • Issues due
  1. All projects on left hand side

On the left hand side this dashboard shows all the projects summary form that which project is how much completed, team members in each projects, expected completion date of the project, issues and their budgets.

How to Write Project Plan Dashboard Template Excel?

You require complete sample before submitting plan or particular project through “Table of content” to finalize reporting as well as some presentation. I also create complete bundle in very low price, so if you are interesting in it, than you can either contact us or direct download it from out official site of Template124.

Communication Plan

You can also get complete statistics of change control process. for more detail on team communication plan template, click here.

  • Communication requirements based on roles
  • What information will be communicated
  • How the information will be communicated
  • When will information be distributed
  • Who does the communication
  • Who receives the communication
  • Communications conduct

Read more: http://www.projectmanagementdocs.com/project-planning-templates/project-management-plan.html#ixzz4sdc4lHk0


  1. All projects detailed planning on right side view of the sheet

In this section, this also shows the projects data but this mostly shows the activities in each project and their durations, budget distribution between activities, and their planning horizons for each project you just have to click on the particular project and all details will be shown to you .

Schedule Management Plan

You can also complete reporting and scheduling management through this project plan dashboard template excel.

  • Completion of scope statement and WBS/WBS Dictionary
  • Baselined project schedule
  • Approval of final project budget
  • Project kick-off
  • Approval of roles and responsibilities
  • Requirements definition approval
  • Completion of data mapping/inventory
  • Project implementation
  • Acceptance of final deliverable


All things considered this Project Plan Dashboard Template Excel would help you a lot and saves your precious time resource. Its free you can download it from here.

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