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Check out the Project management plan template PMBOK 5 guidelines. Running a small or large business requires planning and scheduling. Are you doing it properly? Complete set of project management assessment, analysis, and documentation tools/templates.

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Check out;

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is a widely recognized guide for project management practices. The PMBOK provides a framework for managing projects and outlines various knowledge areas and processes involved in project management.

The fifth edition of the PMBOK introduced a Project Management Plan (PMP) template, which serves as a comprehensive document that outlines the approach and strategies for managing a project.

The PMP template in PMBOK 5 is a crucial document that helps project managers and their teams effectively plan, execute, and control projects. It provides a structured framework for defining project objectives, scope, deliverables, timelines, and resources.

The PMP template covers various key aspects of project management, including project integration, scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, human resource management, communication management, risk management, and procurement management.

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Project Management Rewards

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Project Management Plan Template PMbok 5

The PMP template includes sections such as project scope statement, project schedule, project budget, risk management plan, communication plan, stakeholder management plan, and change management plan.

These sections serve as a reference guide and enable project managers to track and manage various project elements.

The PMP template in PMBOK 5 follows a systematic approach, emphasizing the importance of thorough planning and effective communication.

It helps project managers identify potential risks and develop mitigation strategies, allocate resources efficiently, and establish clear communication channels.

The template also facilitates stakeholder engagement and ensures that project goals and objectives are aligned with organizational strategies.

Project Success with Project Management Plan Template PmBok 5

Why bother now for planning or strategic planning for your projects? Deadline is approaching; how to deal with it?

Strategic planning of the same kind

Most project leaders in companies are actually focused on creating their goals and achieving them in their way! With a clear and concise project plan, all are actually working in the same way, reducing the time to and resource utilization to achieve the goal! Examine and debate problems easily and complete your projects easily with excel templates!

Designed specifically for all!

Either you are new in project management or you are experienced these templates can fit all! You are free to handle any type of project with our project management plan template PMBok! Are you a small business owner or completely relying on the templates for project management? These are complete project management and planning solution!

Cost management-right plan for your projects

How about completing your project in a specific budget? Control your project costs with project management plan template pmbok. At any time checking your project you are able to view the project and available costs for it! Moreover, your template makes automatic calculations saving your most of the time!

  1. Project Life Cycle
  2. Initiation and planning
  3. Executive summary
  4. Program Management Plan Template

Introduction and background

Check out the entire summary of the project in this section! Any same type of project handled in the past is also available!

Objectives and scope

Check all the project objectives and goals in this section! The approach of project implementation to achieve project key objectives and outcomes is clear!


The strategic case, economic case & commercial case is available separately in your project management plan template pmbok!


  1. Project dashboard
  2. Project blueprint
  3. RACI matrix
  4. WBS template
  5. Project brief
  6. Request for project proposal
  7. Stakeholder vision analysis
  8. Process flow chart template
  9. Project initiation plan
  10. Cost management
  11. Motivation and risk analysis

Risk and issue management

See which of the risks and issues are most for this kind of project? More details for percentage impact and time is available as well.


Project management plan template PMbok 5 comes with:

  • Risk management strategy
  • Issue resolution process
  • Risk identification
  • Quantitative risk analysis sheet
  • Risk access tool
  • & many other fabulous features!

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