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Project management plan template excel as the name shows that it is used by the project planners or project undertakers’ managers. Project management is a wider terminology and the project planning is the small part of this project management broad term.


In which the Gantt. Charts are used, project scheduling and the other project planning tools are used in the planning phase of the project. There is a determined process of the project planning phase in which we first define the scope of the project and then categorize the tasks of the project that are considered to be as subtasks under the project.

Then you must define the workloads, assign resources to each task, schedule all the day to day routine meetings, etc. If we talk about the basic chain strategy includes “supports” in the intending to envision potential postponements in venture execution. Float or slack time in the timetable can be computed utilizing venture administration programming.


Costing Analysis in Project Management Plan

At that point, the important assets can be assessed and costs for every movement can be dispensed to every asset, giving the aggregate undertaking cost. At this stage, the venture calendar might be advanced to accomplish the suitable harmony between asset utilization and task span to agree to the undertaking destinations.

Once settled and concurred, the venture plan moves toward becoming what is known as the gauge plan. Advance will be measured against the pattern plan for the duration of the life of the task. Breaking down advance contrast with the gauge plan is known as earned esteem administration.

So the project plan is the document contains all the planned activities on a specific period of times, and the sub-tasks are also planned and resources are planned as well for the execution of the tasks. This is very necessary for the project managers to use this template because it is time efficient also. Because the project managers have no time to make records manually all the plans and make their database.

project management plan template excel

Benefits of the Project Management Plan Template Excel

From the project management life cycle to closure stage and other risk management, change management and other communication plans.

  1. Track Hazards and Kinds of Stuff and Critical Level
  2. You can screen the Movement
  3. You can screen the Activity Weekly, Monthly and Yearly
  4. You can screen the assignments and it’s status of various ventures.
  5. Monitoring of Budget Actual versus Spent
  6. You can track the execution of more than one anticipated at one time
  7. Management of different activities
  8. Planner Efficiency in record following
  9. Enhance consumer loyalty on peak
  10. Effectively maintenance and track of wanted variable.
  11. Easy to utilize it for the managers
  12. Flexible and simple
  13. Customizable as well
  14. Check meter of the status of each undertaking

Guide to use:

There are following steps to use this template easily:

  • Project title: first of all, you must mention the project title that which project you are working on. As may be like construction, product development project, etc.
  • Company name:

Secondly, you must mention the name of the company whose project on you are working upon.

  • Project leader:

The project leaders are there when the projects are being given to the manager or team the one person assigns and lead and manage the project.

  • Project start: The starting date of the project must be mention.
  • Display: the display is the schedule of reviewing the tasks or the plans that they must manage. They can be set on a weekly, daily, monthly, bi-annually, etc.
  • Task description:

The main project that has been assigned to the team is must be divided or decomposed into the subtasks to do it timely and effectively. Therefore, the task description must be made as we break down the tasks. The tasks breakdowns are called a work breakdown structure that has to be mention in the first column if it decomposes. Then the sub-tasks details as in the template shown phase 1 of the project has various tasks in its task 1, task 2, etc. the tasks may be for instance the planning of the product, the marketing plan of the product, the product launching phase, etc.

  • Progress:

The progress here is shown in the percentage of the projects tasks completion. The bar of the percentage shown how much the tasks are being completed and how much time is there to complete the remaining tasks that are in phase 1 or 2 etc.

  • Plan start & end, and days:

In these columns, you must enter the expected dates of the planned start that is the project dates that when the project is start or end on which date and the total expect days that are required to complete a particular task or maybe the whole phase 1.

  • Actual start, end & days:

In the end, must write the actual starting days and end the day of the project that is separate from the actual one. And the total days actual in which the project is completed.  These days can be less from the projected or maybe more from projected ones.


Project Plan Documentation Template

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  3. Reporting and Analysis

In conclusion, I must say this Project management plan template excel aids the project managers a lot to do their divided tasks on time and manage and update information daily basis easily without hectic manual schedules to do. Therefore, you must try it it’s free.

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