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Project delivery document template is one the project management documents that is prepared by the project manager at the time of the delivery of the project to the client or the government. Project delivery document is a statement in which the project manager review everything in the project including its status and time, cost, quality of the project.

It is prepared in the 3rd phase of the project life cycle as we described in the previous template of project initiation as it is the phase 1 document and this project delivery is the phase 3 document that id prepared the manager to ensure everything before delivery of the project. It is the ultimate phase and can also be called management phase in which the team of the project who is assigned it is going to deliver and handover the project to the client.

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Project Delivery Document Template

This template includes the 13 types of documents include in this document of project delivery that are following:

  1. End Stage

In the End Stage Report that is a document, prepare by the Manager of the particular project, is and revising the delivery documents of the project in a specific project life cycle stage, they do following tasks as concentrating on examinations of risks, questions, period, charge, quality,  scope, lessons learned and the ultimate the team of the project venture.

  1. Exception report

In this document the project manager highlights the problems and nonconformities of the project plan that are requirements.

  1. Issue report

In this template, we define it helps us to assess and solving all the issues in the project occurring.

  1. Status flash report:

This is a brief one page document that is sent to all the investors and other sponsors of the project to flash all the important aspects on the daily basis as report.

  1. Change log:

There are may be some changes requested to the project manager to change in during the project so this document can manage all the changes during the project.

  1. Change request form:

It summarizes all the changes in the project in the time, cost, and scope of the project.

  1. Configuration report:

It is responsibility report and summarizes and describe briefly all the organized changes in the project.

  1. Daily log:

It is also a responsibility kind of log prepare by the manager of the project to review the daily events in the project on daily basis.

  1. Highlights report:

It is periodic document of the project that is throughout the life of the project that highlights the details and progress of the project periodically.

  1. Issues register template:

It summarizes all the project close and on-going issues that project faced during life.

  1. Lessons learned log:

It summarizes all the experiences of the project and lessons throughout the life of the project in it.

  1. Quality register:

It summarize the require and achieve quality of the project it is also called the quality log of the project maintained by the project manager.

  1. Risk register template

It is a risk log for the risk assessment and risk maintenance.


This is basically a programmer in which all the interrelated projects are combined to achieve a common goal of delivery of the project. Project delivery document template defines everything in it as we defined above it is an extensive document.


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