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Before project is actually initiated Ms excel used for change request template designing, it is properly planned according to the project and type, however, according to the requirements of time; some changes are required to be made in the planning process. Here below we show project management life-cycle templates, in which you found change request. Typically this template is using during or after completion of the project.

Manager will call this template after seeing the project status report. Whenever a manager isn’t agreed-upon deliverables result, he instant calls again submission using this template. This template is showing a post-presentation VS After Editing project.

For free flow of work, you must use these kinds of templates. Although in many advance project management systems, this is the major section. So this excel sheet is for small business must use before creating a project plan.

Quick Facts:

  1. Microsoft Excel (Formulas Applied)
  2. Copy and Paste Charts for PPT slides
  3. Approve or reject the change request
  4. Different Team members can use the same template and edit according to their duties
  5. Well design and easy to use

A Project Change Request Template is a useful tool for managing and tracking changes within a project. Whether it’s a software development project, construction project, or any other type of project, changes are bound to occur.

This template, typically created in Excel or Word, provides a structured format for capturing and documenting change requests.

The template generally consists of several sections to ensure all necessary information is included. The first section usually contains details such as the project name, requestor’s name, and date of the change request. This information helps in identifying and organizing change requests within the project.

These changes must be properly recorded and they are actually made by the person working on the task, however, this information should be made available to the project manager. These changes are recorded in the project change request template, which is prepared in an excel tool and most often required these days.

Change Request Template

Project Change Request Template Excel Features

Maintain proper workflow in the project processes through utilizing this template:

It has the ability to set in every time of organization.

  1. Whether a project is going on in manufacturing industry or if it is required in the construction industry it can set well in every type of organization.
  2. Changes are an integral part of the process and to achieve project milestones, these can be made timely.
  3. Now record every change easily through this excel template.
  4. Check Gantt Chart in Excel for more comprehensive project planning

It can be shared timely and easily with the project manager.

  • A project manager is a person responsible for a specific project, therefore, he should approve the changes before they are implemented.
  • It prevents confusion through holding all the important data regarding changing’s required.

Project Change Request Sheet

It consists of a single spreadsheet, which must be filled manually. These changes must then be reviewed by project managers. Some of these changes are minor while major are required as well. It consists of:

  1. Project general details like project, customer placing it and project number.
  2. The person requesting the change
  3. Change number
  4. Category of change and it then includes options for change like cost, schedule, quality, scope, requirements or document.
  5. Detailed description of the proposed change
  6. The justification for the proposed change and impacts of change as well.

The next section focuses on the actual change being requested. It includes a description of the change, its impact on the project, and the desired outcome. This section allows project stakeholders to understand the proposed change and assess its feasibility and potential risks.

Project change request excel format is usually been used after tracking issues in project and work accordingly.


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