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Blank to printable student report card template excel or Word format. PDF format is available only on user request. From high school to primary and also you can convert this report card to teacher report or progress card.

Now recording the results of the students with great perfection is easier through switching manual recording. Education is given importance worldwide and it offers outstanding stability of improvement and successful career later. Monitoring your (students performance) is now easier for teachers, who are new in the job and are feeling troubles of recording and monitoring and therefore student report card template is designed in excel tool. Whether you are teacher at some small school or you are part of some bigger IT institution, you are now able to discuss performance of your students with principal or concerned authorities and then outlining plans to help them improve their learning ways.

Primary to Kindergarten School

From primary to High school comments on report card with editable sheet of excel you can also create kindergarten report card with your school appearance on it.

The Printable Student Report Card Template in Excel is an incredibly useful tool for educators and administrators to assess and communicate students’ academic progress. This template is designed to be user-friendly, allowing educators to input relevant information and generate comprehensive report cards with ease.

Using this template, educators can input student names, subjects, grades, and any additional comments or remarks. The Excel format enables automatic calculations, making it effortless to calculate average grades and generate overall performance summaries. This ensures accurate and consistent grading across subjects and students.

Student Report Card Template Excel {Feature+Benefits}

There are various pros of having template for recording your student’s performance, rather than selecting manual recording system and here are some top benefits:

  • These are highly recommendable for teachers, who are new in the profession and they are facing difficulty in monitoring student’s behavior towards studies.
  • “Future assignments” and science projects are often given to students in group and teachers require active participation of each student towards making research and inputting their effort in these projects.
  • You are now able to track down, which of the student is part of specific group, and what is the group participation and therefore marks gained by them, which become part of the overall grades later.
  • Students which are not making any effort towards improving their grades or not participating in “educational activities” can be seen before the examination and can be discussed with their parents.
  • No need to look for the sheet online during parent’s teacher meeting as specific sheets of the template can be getting in printable forms which are amazingly helpful in meeting process.

Student Report Assessment Card Template Features

Improve your student performance and study behavior through having increased transparency over class presentation through making this template part of your institution. Some of its features highlights are discussed here:

Excellent for smaller and bigger institutions

  • It can handle educational details for your students up to 100 in number and can be increased as well.
  • Make comparison of performance between different sections of same class through it.
  • It can be fill up with (15 subjects) in the setting section, and more can be added as well.

It can be shared with “principal or parents online”, and save your time.

  • You are not required to calculate percentages, as it is done automatically.
  • Add only the marks of the students and rest is done automatically.
  • Teachers can send the “student report card template monthly” directly to the parents through email, without handling over them to students.

Make easy assessment of your students study behavior and help improve their grades.

  • Teachers who are actually pleasurable in improving their student’s grades must be aware of it before outlining any educational activities for them.
  • This excel spreadsheet provides the details of your “student performance” each month and specifically in each project and examination.
  • Grades really matter in the future; therefore you are now able to improve them for your students at this point.

No need to enter details again and again.

  • It highlights monthly performance of the specific student.
  • Just fill the setting section and student database and you are not required to enter this detail in any other spreadsheet.1
  • It calculates the performance of the class or student annually based on monthly results and displaying all of it in charts and dashboards.

The Printable Student Report Card Template also offers flexibility and customization options. Educators can modify the template to align with specific grading systems, scales, or academic standards.

It allows for the inclusion of attendance records, behavior assessments, and extracurricular achievements, providing a holistic view of a student’s overall performance.

The printable feature of the template allows for easy distribution of report cards to students and their parents. By using the Excel format, report cards can be shared electronically or printed, depending on individual preferences.

This enables efficient communication between teachers, students, and parents, fostering a collaborative approach to education.

Create Customize Report Card {School}

We create “Customize” of Student Report Card template, so if you have any question regarding this template you can direct contact Template124 team and consult your problem. We made your request as soon as possible and create report card according to your school branding.

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