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Looking for complete School Attendance Report template/software in one platform? We update this system for calendar 2019 for users request. If you buy this already than request Template124 Team for Free template. Update is aviable, you can ask Template124 team fopr support.


Just download monthly class attendance report of any school in excel for student performance reporting, one click for the printable report of any student. Attendance management is usually time-consuming and teachers need to be aware of their student behavior.

This is to identify students who frequently miss the school and letting management know about them. This template is prepared to help you track student attendance on a daily or monthly basis.

The Monthly School Attendance Report Template Excel for the academic year 2019-2020 provides a comprehensive overview of student attendance records on a monthly basis.

This meticulously designed template aims to assist schools in effectively monitoring and analyzing attendance trends for each class or grade level. By using this template, schools can easily track student absences, tardiness, and overall attendance percentages.

The template features a user-friendly layout with separate columns for student names, dates, and attendance status. It allows administrators to input attendance data for each day of the month, making it convenient to record and update information regularly.

The attendance status options include “Present,” “Absent,” “Tardy,” and “Excused,” providing a holistic view of student attendance patterns.

Table of Content

1.1- Template Highlights

1.2- Key Features

1.3- School Management Sheet

1.4- Free Template

Student attendance report can be prepared instantly and it is no longer a time-consuming task. Teachers are able to discuss realistic information about the student with their parents in the parent-teacher meeting as well. This electronic register helps in maintaining individual attendance record according to the classes.

Check Remarks sheet of Students for creating result or report card

There is much software, which helps the teacher to manager student monthly performance and then converts it to Final Exam, giving rewards and extra points. Help to display performance to parents.

  • Easy to Track Student Performance 
  • Printable Reports
  • Easily Send to Parents
  • Dashboard for Summarized Performance
  • Better replacement of Expensive School Management System
  • Compatible to XLS and XLSX Format

By utilizing the Monthly School Attendance Report Template Excel for the 2019-2020 academic year, schools can streamline their attendance management processes and gain valuable insights into student attendance patterns. This data-driven approach enables schools to identify and address attendance-related challenges promptly, fostering a culture of regular attendance and enhancing student success.

Template Highlights

  1. It is simple and easy to fill, prevent any efforts made by teachers.
  2. Teachers are able to concentrate fully on preparing schedules and activities for the students.
  3. This one sheet helps in maintaining attendance management for the whole school.
  4. Tracking and monitoring number of absent and the reason for absence can be made instantly. In the case of unexcused absences and absent without leave student can be asked about the reason.
  5. It gets automatically update, saving your time and effort and preventing human made errors as well.
  6. It can be utilized for both small and large school that is with various classes and sections.

School Attendance Report Template Excel Key Features

Check out features of the template to understand why it is the best choice for schools.

  1. It acts as dashboard showing the attendance data.
  2. Recording daily attendance manually is not required, as this electronic register consists of all the updated features.
  3. Monthly attendance data is based on daily report and fills automatically.
  4. It acts as a dashboard helping you view attendance results on a single sheet.

No need to worry about the number of students as it can record attendance of as many students in the class as required.

  • All the attendance information is accessible without limitation of number of students.
  • All the attendance information of the student is shown just by entering the roll number.
  • It can be used in institutions and academies.

Customization and modification are possible according to your preferences.

  • Any additional column can be added easily, although all the required fields are entered already.
  • For any additional holiday, other than weekend, it can be added as well.
  • Any holidays can be mentioned. There is no restriction of days; you are always free to choose the holidays and weekends.

Automatic refilling option saves time and prevents errors.

  1. Individual worksheets to help teachers keeping the attendance record updated.
  2. Attendance monthly report can get automatically.
  3. It is prepared in excel tool, therefore maintaining and updating it does not require any additional efforts.

Ease of use

  1. It is equally easy for a new user and expert.
  2. No bugs and issues.
  3. User-friendly spreadsheet preferred choice of teachers.
  4. Improves results of class, through improving attendance rate.

A single click and you can get “Any Student Report Printable” by this School Attendance Report Template Excel software with free customization support. For more Detail about this template

School System Related Templates

For the complete package of school system, you must require some “student report card template” through this sheet you can edit and arrange student report card through monthly assessment and “Print Report Card” automatically.

Download Student Report Card


If You Want to get Customize School Attendance Report Template Excel from our Excel developer, than you must “contact us” or Review us about that product. Template124.com Customer Support team is available for You. “Customization is Free of Cost

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  1. CISO

    Looking perfect but i have some question regarding this one,

    I want to change weekends {Default -Sunday, Saturday}?
    I want Admission Form printable for any new student?


    • Template124

      You can change Weekends from default, I Email you Custom template, check and reply me over there.


  2. Template124


  3. Template124

    How to change default weekends {Sunday,Saturday}?
    I want printable admission form attached for new student on my school letter head?

    • Template124

      Thanks for replying , we can change weekends {Default Weekends}, check in your inbox

  4. Template124

    Student Report card sheet is attached now with this attendance sheet, You can get report card sheet “Free of Cost”

  5. Brain

    I want this templat, but according to my design and layout… Can you plz do this??

    Reporting is great but student evaluation need some changes..

    • Template124

      OK, You mean you required some customization in it. Let’s Schedule Meeting.
      I will inform you through Your Email.

      Thanks Template124

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