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Looking for clinic doctors note template in PDF, Word (DOC), and editable Microsoft format. Check out and download the FREE custom doctor note template by Template124.


These template is using by the doctor for the daily base slip for clients invoice. Some use letter pad for advice to clients.

The doctor’s notebook template is used by the doctors for the purpose of telling the absence of the doctor formwork or appointment purposes. Doctors often use this for the purpose of the patient’ s details that are very much important for the doctors to check the patient by simply reviewing the Note. The Note has details about the doctor that attended the patient before.

  1. Printable Format (PDF, WORD)
  2. Different types of doctors, clinical staff can use the template

As well as it includes the date of the meeting with the doctor again. Additionally, you can see the details about the address of the patient and the physician’s signature as well. This Note will help the doctors to simply review the note and attend the patient moreover they can give this note to the patient for the appointment purpose. Doctor formally tells the patient for his/her non-availability on the patient’s appointment dates.

Benefits of Minute Clinic Doctors Note Template Format:

  1. It can be used for appointment purposes.
  2. Quick Review.
  3. Easy to use
  4. Printable
  5. Helps you to maintain the record
  6. Formal letter of absence.

How Does It Work?

  1. Hospital name

Hospital, where the doctor works that name of the hospital or clinic, must be mentioned here. First of all, you have to mention the name of the hospital or clinic in which the doctor Works. That must be there. It can also be used for the school records also.

  1. Address

Secondly, the complete address of the hospital or clinic must be mentioned. Because it’s maybe very catchy and can be shown as a Letterhead of the hospital.

  1. Date

Date of the checkup must be mentioned. On which you are writing for the absence.

  1. Appointment details

The letter is issued by the doctor to the patient for the excuse of the absence on his/her appointment date doctor writes the letter as this is to certify that for example, patient name is John so John has an appointment at 8-0-clock but John Please excuse my absence I mean Doctor may return to clinic on “mention the date of returning” and you (John) may return to me on that date specify the date when John return to checkup for again.

Physician Signature:

In the end, there must be the signature of the physician, doctor or maybe his/her consultant so, that this may show his/her authentication of the slips he has.

Types of Minute Clinic Doctors Note Template You Are Looking

Download your desired template in U.K and U.S format by type. Emergency note to school and work station require for absent and leave.

  1. Fake Doctors Note For Work
  2. Doctors note template Microsoft word
  3. Fake Doctors Note Generator
  4. Doctor Excuse Note For School
  5. Doctors note for work absence
  6. Minute Clinic Doctors Note Template
  7. Emergency Room Doctors Note

Fake Doctors Note for Work 

In this sample, you can get the fake blank note of doctor prescription and submit to your workplace for leave mark. You can’t get paid leave without this note.

Doctors Note Template Microsoft Word

Microsoft word format is the most suitable and demanding format of doctor slip. Single click for printing after editing it your Name, Reason and other description.

Fake Doctors Note Generator

Generator means some sort of software uses for generating auto document or paper. You can either use Excel or Word for generating auto printing Note.

Doctor Excuse Note for School

Mostly school especially in (U.K and U.S) or even in INDIA also must submit doctor sick or whatever note slip for getting leave or mark absent without any fine or cutting marks. You can just edit your particular doctor name, location and you’re PH: – NO as a reference.

Minute Clinic Doctors Note Template

Due to Injury and illness, this type of note use, mostly minute clinic slip is direct from the doctor clinic. SO don’t confuse with this term.

Minute Clinic Doctors Note Template

Emergency Room Doctors Note

This is a special case, when patent requires 10 to 15 days leave due to some serious injury, so mention the type of injury and emergency ward in the note.


Minute Clinic Doctors Note Template found and best suit for U.K and U.S clinic. You can submit directly these note into your school or workplace and get leave. If you want some custom note, then you must contact Template124 team for design base on your provide an image.

In addition, this Doctors Note Template would help the doctors to formally excuse from their patients for their absence. And it also maintains and increases a doctor’s reputation in his/her customer’s View.


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