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Looking for Job Card Cost Estimate Template in excel format with professional design? Here is some construction estimator to house building report card template free to download.


In any project, either individual tasks or collective completion units, job cost is the main factor of efficiency and cost effectiveness. These are very helpful in this prospect. Project managers and other team members who are liable for precise costing and evaluation, can always use these awesome templates to record inside matters involved in a job, factors implying the cost of any task. Resources involve in the task and all other reasons, which have their direct or indirect influence on the costing.

In actual terms, this job card template is supposed to keep a track of budgetary utilization. From standard labor hours, standard material price, standard number of employees working on the project and cost per hour being paid, everything is includes. Which enables the record management teams to fluently keep a track of where the money is spent with what ratio.

Learn How to Create Job Card Template?

Usually both (MS Excel and MS Word) are use for this. In case of large project where complicate calculations are require, Excel is common. However for small scale projects where only mentioning the values is enough, MS Word will help. Apart from this, standards of working are same.

Job Card Estimate Template

Job Card Cost Estimate Template Excel

Let’s take a look around how you can create a professionally attired job card template;

  • Open an excel spreadsheet and select a title of document first
  • On the top left, right the name of client for whom you are generating job card
  • Write down the card number and select codes or keywords for all the given tasks to make things simpler
  • Draw a column of labor tasks on the left side of this modal
  • Above this column, draw a block section with specific cells to mention standard rates of everything like labor rate/hour, standard material price per unit etc.
  • Now list down all the tasks involve in job
  • In-front of this column, draw another column with the name total hours
  • In total hours column, mention the rightly serve hours for each relevant task
  • Parallel to that, create the column of billing rate our labor rate/hour decide for respective job
  • You can multiple serve hours with hourly rate and get the total bill in last column of valid bill

This similar pattern can be repeated for material costing too.

Benefits of Using Job Card Cost Estimate Templates

If you have a standard manufacturing process, services model project completion cycles, benefits of using job cost estimate templates is can be denied. There are several benefits but you can have a glance at few prominent ones;

  • Saves the time of creating costing sheets again and again
  • Setting standard parameters, documentation remains consistent
  • Avoids haphazard costing formats and shuffling of tasks
  • Allows companies to record detail labor as well as material cost in interpret-able form
  • Also keeps track of every completed job and its detailed impact on the overall cost
  • This template is itself a ready billing invoice if notice other way round

We can’t summarize these benefits in a short length article, however you can only estimate these benefits by using such job card cost estimate template excel yourself.

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