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Now eliminate booking problems through properly tracking down your hotel availability by downloading hotel room booking template XLS. This dynamic and powerful tool does not only allow you to track down guests stay at your hotel. However you can enormously use it for managing guests and booking rooms (Easily) in the peak season as well.

Manage Reservation and Track Customer

Your reservation managers are able to efficiently manage reservations and keep you away from difficulties face otherwise. Your guests feel much satisfy through making a booking of the room, before arriving at the hotel. You can completely focus on the internal functions of your business place, rather than keep solving check ins and check outs.

Hotel Room Reservation Template PROS

It facilitates you like any technical software, and helps you out in the following ways:

  • It allows you to efficiently introduce and “maintain booking system”, while securing all this data in it.
  • Multiple spreadsheets, allow you to easily track down and monitor information require.
  • Due to its simplicity and useful features, your “reservation staff” can become pro in using it, within days.
  • It is equally beneficial for hotels and motels, allow easy track down of reservations, and other booking information.
  • It eliminates booking problems, through helping you “efficiently record down booked” rooms, and the rooms types as well.
  • Complete reservations record in update form, in a single tool.

Template Features & Aspect of Hotel Booking

Now make a look at some of the features, which make this template different from rest and how it is beneficial for your hotel as well:


PDF Screenshot Download for Hotel Room Booking

Download Free:- Hotel Room Booking V2 Template Excel

Checks availability of the specific type of room in a single click

  • There are various types of rooms in the hotel, depending on hotel to hotel, therefore you are able to add all of the rooms types in this template.
  • Your guest may ask for a “single room” or “double deluxe“, and you are able to look availability for it in a single click, saving your time.
  • No room for mistake, as auto filling is enable and you are just require to look for the require information.

Hotel Bill Format {Review and Download}

Here is Template124 team creating free invoice in PSD, and Word format, only PDF file is paid and other is “Free of Cost” you can also request us for free editing in it.

Download:- Click Here 


Easily Accessible Hotel Reservation Records

  • It saves your cost and time through availability of update reservation record in single tool.
  • It is divide up in multiple spreadsheets like (booking guest information and availability of room type). Allows your reservation manager to click on the require information and instantly get it.
  • Enter and manage all your hotel details and room records up to 100, and more can be add as well.

Easy to print invoice base on it and automates paying process.

  • You are able to generate invoice at the time of check out for your guests through looking for the information in the template.
  • It smooth down payment process and your guests are aware of the services they have taken at the time of their stay.
  • It can be update whenever any new room is book.
  • You are require to manually fill single or two sheets, and the rest is done automatically.

*customization is allow, and you can always ask for free customization, according to your preference, from our specialize excel guy.


Setup and Setting of Room Booking 

First of all, prepare using excel tool, most powerful and reliable source of making fast and reliable changing’s. It can be use for hotels, motels and all other room base businesses. It consists of multiple spreadsheets, for helping you more organize and easily track down reservation records:

  • Set up
  • Room information
  • Booking guest information
  • Availability-room type
  • Availability-room number
  • Guest monthly recap
  • About

Set up

This part of the template is require to fill once, as it smooths down filling process throughout the template. All the spreadsheets are mention up, and you can simply click on anyone to go to the require one. It consists of:

  • Calendar start period
  • Total number of rooms (add according to your hotel)
  • Status code table consisting of (U-code, B for book, S for stay, X for cancel, MR for book move room, URM for maintenance or repair). You can add more.
  • Status of the room and description.

Calendar color code

  • Red for fully book
  • Yellow for stay, light green for stay and dark green for rooms available.

Other tables part of this spreadsheet are, peak season info, low season info and holiday info. They consist of number, start date, end date and description.

Note:- You can edit holidays according to your geographical location or specific country specify. Specify holidays will effect in your template accordingly.

Hotel Room Reservation Management Template

This part of the template provides information regarding rooms in the hotel. It is require to fill manually. Your reservation manager update about current status of any specific room in the hotel. First table consists of:

  • Room type (including standard single, standard double, deluxe single, deluxe double, king suite). Pent house and others are fill for your convenience, you are able to change them, if require).
  • Number of rooms
  • Price list, including low, normal and peak
  • Facilities available in specific room type, and these may be ask by your guests while booking as well.

For internal details, 2nd table is maintain, consisting of:

  • Room type
  • Room number
  • Notes

Note:- *you can enter, other formula or custom prices for normal or peak prices.

Here is some separate section, which shows detail about “Smoking Area” and “Non Smoking Area”. You can also enter some important “rules and regulation” and print this screen for just information.

Hotel Reservation Manager Template

Booking Guest Information

This specific part of the template shows the booking guest information and consists of two tables. The first one shows available room on any specific date of the month, and room availability from total number of specific room.

Another table for more detail information consists of:

  • Booking status
  • Room number and type
  • Booking date
  • Booking code
  • Guest first and last name
  • Checking date
  • Length of stay
  • Type and checkout
  • Guest ID including ID number, ID type, nationality
  • Breakfast
  • Contact information like number and email
  • List price, discount and total price
  • Total
  • Booking method
  • Notes

Main Part of Template {Must Review} 

Entire setting of this template revolves around this “part” in this area you can first manually set “booking booking status” i:e (2nd column Enter “Book, Cancel, Stay, Book-Move Room, Under renovation/maintenance). Rather than enter “Room Code” (Check Room Information Sheet)

“Type” Must Automatically Fill with some status like {Standard Single, Standard Double, Superior, Pent House}

Booking Date:- Enter booking date, {make sure your month match in setting page} otherwise you can’t get require data.

Booking Code:- This is simple and set whatever you want of particular Room.

First and Last name of Guest Enter

Checking Date:- Make sure you checking date greater than booking date or same

Length:- Must enter days, so you can automatically get Check-out date

other information of clients like {Client ID card detail, PH#, Address} and other further detail enter as require according to hotel rules and policy.

Today Date you can seen “Automatically appear

Status of Hotel Rooms Booked “Days Wise”

In this image you can seen which room is book in which days, Every single rooms status will be shown here and availability in each day of set month.

Note:-  Blue Color arrow shown “Data Must Fill” Red color arrow Show “Do not Fill”

Availability of room type

This part of the “hotel room booking template excel” provides detail information regarding book rooms and it is fill automatically, base on above two sheets. It provides monthly room book data showing the number of book, stay, book move and rooms under maintenance number.

  • Fully Book Status Shown in “Red
  • Yellow Color shown “Room available less than 3
  • Room Less than 8 “Show color light green”
  • Room availability show in dark green color
  • National holidays shows “Pink border”
  • Peak season show “#”

Availability Room Number

This spreadsheet of the template shows availability of rooms in the hotel according to the numbers. You are therefore able to assign any room to the guest, which is vacant. It is auto generate base on the above data.

For Example”in this sheet shown {Deneng Book Hotel Room from 5 march to 14 March} and {A.J book Standard Double room from “13 march to 14 march}”


Guest Monthly Recap

Guest check in summary for the month is shown up by this part of the template. It shows all the details in the booking guest information for them month, and therefore providing you quick summary.


Hence, you can always check this section of the template to learn use of the template smoothly and easily. Whether you are excel beginner, or pro of this tool, you can take benefit from this spreadsheet to learn the right use of the template.

Customization:- “Free of Cost” just contact Template124 team and Ask for customization.

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