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Looking for Earned Value Management Template Excel? Here is you can get Free template for this analysis.

To check hidden aspects and scope of the specific project a simple yet useful excel template known as earned value can be checked, which is created in XLX format for management purposes. Best agile project management excels tools list on this webpage has shown scope creep for the ongoing operations in the company and therefore required actions can be outlined. Once cost information of the specific project are available, it performance can be quickly reviewed from the earned value management template.

If project manager is keeping a strict watch on the operations and the related activities which have a impact on the project budget, he can ensure implementing actions in the company which can bring positive value in the earned management graph. Once a project is succeeded, still management required details of the project and its cost value at any given time which can be quickly generated from this template.

Project Scheduling Resources

Project schedule and resources required to accomplish it requires time and cost. If it require resources which are not available in the market or present in the company, they can affect the cost performance and shown as negative trend in the EVM template. Once this information is available for the project, it can be avoided in the next project of the same kind. Actual cost required information can be provided to senior management as well.

Earned value management template Excel format 

Project organization is just not very easy as it passes through various stages and different complications and hurdles are required to be overcome, which is only possible through using various excel templates as they can improve the accuracy of calculating cost. Once our related table or sheet is in professional format but difficult to maintain, it is of no use. Earned value management template added here is downloaded by various users as it can be easily acknowledged.

  • Calculations: while project ongoing operations are carried out in different departments, making calculations are quite confusing as different information is generated and making report on this c be inaccurate. Earned value graph makes calculations easy as you can just view the information from the graph and then applying it in the formula.
  • Project accomplishment timely: if project operations have already exceeded the planned and budgeted amount, it must be noticed as company is working according to the plan and for the specific project a limited amount is available in the company account.
  • Costs variance: it is not necessary your project face difficulty due to lack of finance or exceeding budget amount in fact earned value management template are ideal enough to show positive outcomes from the specific stage and department as well. To make it more presentable and acknowledgeable, different colors can be use.
  • Applying formulas: once you have separated the values, you can note them separately in the sheet and then using these values you can easily calculate earned value whether it is under or over the plan.

The Earned Value Management (EVM) template in Excel XLS format is a valuable tool for project managers and professionals involved in project tracking and cost control.

EVM is a widely-used technique that integrates project scope, schedule, and cost to provide an objective measurement of project performance. The Excel template simplifies the implementation of EVM by offering pre-built formulas and calculations.

This EVM template in Excel enables project managers to track and assess project performance against planned values. It provides a structured framework to monitor project progress, analyze variances, and make informed decisions.

The template includes key components such as planned value (PV), earned value (EV), actual cost (AC), cost variance (CV), schedule variance (SV), and other important metrics.

Where To Apply EVM:

Determining actual variance amounts are not only useful for the present of the company, in fact in ensures sustainability of the company whether it’s a small scale company or it is some enterprise. Some of the companies where limited numbers of departments are working they can be provided with EVM templates, which keep them aware of the estimates and actual amount and cost. During specific meetings and conference these charts are used to support the decision.

Earned value management ideas for using it efficiently:

  • Prepare individual sheets for each project.
  • Download project management templates to make a flow in the management and calculation tasks.
  • It helps in planning and scheduling, if available timely and in updated format.
  • For forecasting other upcoming projects earned value management template excel are viewed by project managers.
  • It is especially preferred by project managers well expert and experience in their profession and consider as essential tool for the managers with PMP certification.

Assumption based on realistic information in the past seen from these templates is more authentic and reliable.

By utilizing this Excel template, project managers can easily input project data and monitor the project’s health. The template automatically calculates metrics and generates insightful reports, helping stakeholders to identify potential risks and take corrective actions promptly.

With the ability to analyze cost and schedule performance, project managers can effectively manage resources, control project costs, and ensure project completion within budget and schedule constraints.

The Excel format of the EVM template offers flexibility and customization options, allowing project managers to adapt it to their specific project requirements. Users can modify formulas, add additional fields, and incorporate their organization’s project management standards.

This adaptability makes it a versatile tool that can be used across different industries and project types.


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