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When the assets are required to be replaced in the company or if they are no longer require, it is exchange and scrap from the company, through proper accounting process. Which require you to make record of each transaction in a proper manner and this is made possible through fixed asset disposal form excel. This fixed asset isn’t consumed or use company within 1 or 2 years. Long term company asset.  In this article, I will give you some different form of asset disposal in Microsoft Excel for tracking and financial record of each asset.


Each year, depreciation expense is recorded down for each asset in the financial statements of the company. When they are no longer in working condition, you may require to purchase a new one and treating this old asset in some specific way. You can arrange each company capitals asset under inventory management section. Mostly companies is using Tools/Software for manage their inventories, but these templates gives you lots of simple way to manage at all.

Major companies especially “IT industry” require that type of form for maintaining the record for further planning of any asset. A simple form for asset disposal, necessary for medium to bigger organization and especially for banks.

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A Fixed Asset Disposal Form in Excel is a valuable tool used by businesses to document the disposal or sale of fixed assets. Fixed assets are long-term assets such as equipment, vehicles, machinery, or property that a company owns and uses in its operations.

When it becomes necessary to dispose of or sell these assets, it is important to maintain accurate records to track the transaction and ensure compliance with accounting and tax regulations.

The Fixed Asset Disposal Form in Excel provides a structured format for capturing essential information related to the disposal process.

The form typically includes fields to record the asset’s description, identification number, acquisition date, original cost, accumulated depreciation, and disposal date. This information helps establish the asset’s book value and determine any gains or losses resulting from the disposal.

Fixed Asset Disposal Form Excel Features      

Recognizing accounting transactions and entries require for assets is possible through making this template part of your company.


Identify which asset requires specific treatment and how it can be actually replaced.

  1. One of the methods of disposal is scrap, in which there is usually no resale value of the asset or it is equal to one. Generally record down against assets, which are no longer in position to be part of the company.
  2. Part exchange is another form of disposal, however, if the company is actually interest in making a replacement, exchanging the specific asset with some useful can be made with another company.

You ensure each accounting transaction is recorded in your financial statements and general ledger.

  • Merge with an asset, is although also the form of disposal; however it is less popular than above two.
  • You are also able to dispose of your asset by selling it out, and this is also common.

Equipment Disposal Form Template

Fixed assets are generally disposed of through proper treatment and recording it as well, therefore equipment disposal form template is prepared to ensure you are able to fill this form before disposing off your assets and sharing it with management as well.

  1. Fixed Asset Register Format Excel
  2. Asset Transfer Form Excel
  3. Fixed Asset Verification Report Format

Fixed Asset Register Format Excel

Sample of fixed asset register with complete layout and accounting pattern, you can arrange register according to your choice with scheduling every month in XLX format.

Asset Transfer Form Excel

Asset transfer application or form with all previous record keeping in excel template. Now you can easily move any account to a particular authority.

Fixed Asset Verification Report Format

Verification reporting format for fixed asset is easily used for record or materials management. Some capital budget expense sheet is also added to this.

Template124 team ready to create “Customize template” of Fixed Asset Disposal Form Excel with depreciation and other calculation.

By using an Excel-based form, businesses can easily customize the template to fit their specific needs. They can add or remove fields as required and apply formulas to automatically calculate values such as depreciation, net book value, or gain/loss on disposal.

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