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Depreciation as per companies act 2013 in excel format and diminishing depreciation, Whether you are running a small company or owner of large organization, you are require to note down all the expenses under operation section of the profit and loss sheet according to the accounting regulation, and depreciation is also included in the expense section. Fixed asset depreciation excel spreadsheet is prepared, so that this expense is calculated automatically for all of your fixed assets and therefore current value of the assets are recorded in balance sheet template, and this value can be viewed at the end of financial year.


Check out disposal form and other maintenance fixed asset calculation of property and car regarding diminishing value calculation.

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A Fixed Asset Depreciation Excel spreadsheet is a valuable tool used by businesses to manage and track the depreciation of their fixed assets over time.

Fixed assets, such as buildings, machinery, and vehicles, are long-term investments that provide value to a company for more than one accounting period. However, these assets experience wear and tear and lose value over time, which is known as depreciation.

The Excel spreadsheet allows businesses to calculate and record the depreciation expense of their fixed assets accurately. It typically includes columns for the asset’s original cost, its useful life, the depreciation method used (e.g., straight-line or declining balance), and the accumulated depreciation to date.

By inputting this information, the spreadsheet automatically calculates the annual depreciation expense for each asset and updates the accumulated depreciation accordingly.

Fixed Asset Depreciation Excel Spreadsheet Features

Ensure financial success for your business through downloading this template.

It helps you providing exact figures for all types of depreciation.

  • With the help of this excel spreadsheet: – You do not require multiple sheets to calculate depreciation as it can calculate depreciation expense itself for all fixed assets.
  • Calculating straight line depreciation is simple process, however declining balance methods are difficult and confusing, therefore this sheet done all for you.
  • Human errors are common during manual calculation, however this is not same with having this template, as you can fully rely on the results calculated by this excel workbook.

It is useful for your accounting department.

  • There are hundreds of assets in companies, whose actual value must be record down, and this is possible with your spreadsheet.
  • Your accounting department can fully concentrate on core functioning and calculation of other expenses and revenues part, as they are no longer required to track down depreciation themselves.

Organize Work through Work Breakdown Structure

Straight Line Depreciation Excel Template Download

For the companies where all the assets are values through straight line depreciation method, they must calculate this excel spreadsheet as it can instantly calculate the reducing balance and it can then be forwarded to your financial sheets including balance sheet. Reducing balance template is also added here.

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This tool provides several benefits to businesses. Firstly, it simplifies and streamlines the depreciation calculation process, saving time and reducing the risk of manual errors. The spreadsheet’s formulas automatically perform the necessary calculations, eliminating the need for manual calculations and reducing the chance of miscalculations.

Property Depreciation Calculator

Checks out property investment calculation in excel formulas with the help of depreciation calculation. How to find Tax from GOVT, and impact in commercial to residential property?

Diminishing Value Depreciation Formula Excel

In this sheet you can easily find diminishing value formula for calculation any depreciation in excel sheet.

Fixed Asset Disposal Form Excel

Equipment as Scrap or Surplus disposal form in term of fixed asset is ready in excel, so check some format and structure.

Reducing Balance Depreciation Calculator

Check double declining method for calculating depreciation balance reducing, it’s must use in accounting by setting the factor = 2.

Car Depreciation Calculator India

Using depreciation of “CAR” for especially India, these methods utilize for proper calculation and finding fixed asset.

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