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Issues are common elements in the business, however if not dealt efficiently, it might let to customers dissatisfaction and problems in the internal operations of companies as well. any project success is dependent on many different factors including recording and monitoring as well, and to help you better manage issues and solve them efficiently, open items issues log list is added here and it is prepared in excel template. Now you can save precious time of managers through getting this excel sheet. You can use this sheet for any type of project management tasks bugs using macros or advance excel.

Pivot Table and Matrix to Track Bugs

Review and monitor regular task issues related to designed any project on Pivot or matrix for visualization.

Excel issue tracking is a valuable tool in project management, allowing teams to efficiently monitor and address project-related problems and challenges.

With its user-friendly interface and flexible customization options, Excel provides a convenient platform for creating an issue tracking template tailored to specific project requirements.

The Excel issue tracking template typically consists of various columns and rows that organize and categorize project issues.

Each row represents an individual issue, while columns contain relevant information such as the issue description, priority level, assigned team member, due date, and current status.

This structured format allows project managers and team members to quickly identify, track, and resolve issues, ensuring smooth project progress.

Open Items Issues Log List Template Excel Features

Let’s take a look at some of the top features of the template and making you understand, how it can help you:

Well understanding of the issue.

  • If any problem arises, and it is well understood, definitely more efficient solution and plans can be prepared for it.
  • Some problems require immediate attention; otherwise there is risk of affecting other processes as well.
  • You are able to identify, which issue is more serious, and therefore priority for solving them.

It helps you to determine, which project is specifically affected from it.

One of the key benefits of using Excel for issue tracking is its flexibility. Users can customize the template to suit their project’s unique needs.

For instance, additional columns can be added to capture specific information like the issue’s origin, impact on project milestones, or related documentation.

Moreover, Excel’s formulas and functions can be leveraged to automate calculations, generate reports, and visualize data, facilitating data analysis and decision-making.

Issue Management Log

This single spreadsheet is amazing for helping you solving issues efficiently and quickly. It consists of project details like project title, project working title, proponent secretary, and proponent agency and prepared by on the top.

A table of issues and solutions is then consisted of:

  • Issue number (for identification, each issue is given specific number)
  • Issue description
  • Date identified
  • Assigned to
  • Date resolution required
  • Resolution
  • Date resolved

Excel Sheet Templates for Bug Tracking

Using excel sheet for tracking any frequent bugs in project planning is easy way to handle operation.  Here is given example of Agile based project management, so review how to manage this template.

Agile Issue Log Template Management {Working}

In Sheet one you must enter each task assigned to particular person (Person enter in front of every task) with short description

  • Priority Must Mention in separate column with Status (Complete, Not Complete)
  • Time Estimate (Days)
  • Comments

This sheet is manually operated so as you change this sheet, impact will display in another sheet.

Status of Tasks {In Progress, Complete}

You can seen which task is progress, which require changes to complete in require time, Available time automatically calculate in below chart.

Burn Down Chart of Track Issue

This chart represent any issue with time-line of project, you can seen actual vs required goal in this chart.

This Excel issue tracking in Project Management template companies in cutting down extra expense and ensuring all the resources are allocated.

Another advantage of Excel issue tracking is its accessibility. Excel is widely available and familiar to most professionals, making it an accessible and easy-to-use tool for teams.

Collaborative features such as sharing and online synchronization enable multiple stakeholders to update the issue tracker simultaneously, enhancing real-time collaboration and ensuring everyone stays informed about the latest developments.


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