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Looking for Excel Inventory Template for Rental Business? So let’s check daily inventory stock take maintain to Order in/Order out template. One of the “most popular and seller template of Template124” if you want Free version than you must “Comment us” and get free download without paying any single penny.

Once you have started your rental business, you need to keep close eye on all the assets and inventory items in your store, without letting off your focus from the main operations. Rental business manager template and invoice is prepared so that you are always aware of the inventory given on rent as well as items available in the store for booking. There are lot of same type of inventory items available in store, and proper record for each item is necessary to prevent theft and other same type of activities as well as taking order for only the items which are actually available in the store. Track all your stock items in this excel premium spreadsheet, design by pro of excel.

  • Advance Inventory Control
  • Excel Inventory and Sales for Retailers
  • Warehouse Inventory Tracking For Product Sale
  • Track of Stock, Sales and Orders {Inventory Sales Manager}
  • Customer Order Tracking
  • Daily Sales/Product Inventory

An Excel inventory template can be an invaluable tool for rental businesses looking to efficiently manage their inventory. Whether you rent out equipment, vehicles, or any other type of assets, having a well-organized inventory system is crucial for smooth operations. Excel, being a widely used and versatile spreadsheet software, offers a range of templates that can be customized to suit the specific needs of a rental business.

The Excel inventory template for a rental business typically includes columns for item names, descriptions, quantities, rental rates, and availability status. This template allows you to easily input and update information about each item in your inventory. You can also track the number of available units, those on rent, and those that are currently unavailable due to maintenance or repair.

Complete Stock Management System through these template. Check Purchase Stock inventory for more detail.

Excel Inventory Template for Rental Business + INVOICE FEATURES

Now get this template for your rental business and it can help you in every possible way, here are some features of this template:

Get more organized through using this template.

  • Avoid frustration of overbooking.
  • You are always aware of the rented out items and free items.
  • Only make bookings for the free inventory items, and therefore more organization in processes.

Suitable for all type of rental businesses.

  • Ask for free customization, and can be used for any business.
  • Whether you are running a small rental shop of equipment or having a big set up with multiple categories of products, you can use this template.
  • Limit of 30 types of categories, which is enough for any rental business.

Get clear picture of your store, in excel spreadsheet.

  • Multiple spreadsheets are available for different functions.
  • Easy data entry and automatically generated invoice is effortless and accurate.
  • Excellent for providing increased control over you asset items.

One of the key benefits of using an Excel inventory template is the ability to generate reports and analyze data. With just a few clicks, you can create reports that provide insights into the rental trends, popular items, and financial performance of your business. This information can help you make informed decisions regarding inventory management, pricing strategies, and overall business growth.

Moreover, Excel’s calculation functions can be used to automate certain processes and save time. For instance, you can create formulas to calculate rental fees based on the duration of the rental and the applicable rates. This eliminates the need for manual calculations, reducing errors and improving efficiency.

Inventory Management {Project Tracking Template}

Download this template and start using it instantly. It works in excel 2010 and 2013, so don’t forget to get latest version of excel, so allowing fast working of your excel spreadsheet. It is prepared of multiple spreadsheets.

Settings Sheet {Manage Your Inventory}

Consisting of multiple sections, this spreadsheet must be filled carefully as it is followed throughout the template.


These are added so that you can make effective use of the template easily. Go through these instructions and follow them while working on the template.

Business information:

Start entering your business information. This includes, business name, contact person, address, email address, phone number, business tag line and website.

Asset categories

Enter up to 30 asset categories and each category can have 50 assets. Leave blank if you have less than 30 categories. Add assets according to your business.


Assets Detail {Rental Business}

This spreadsheet provides the details of the assets acquired by your rental business. Part of this sheet is auto filled, however most of the sheet must be filled by you. You need to add the following information in the table:

  • Asset ID (which must be unique, it must not be identical with any other ID)
  • Asset name (which must be unique, it must not be identical with any other name)
  • Asset category (select the arrow to select the asset category)
  • Description of asset
  • Starting quantity (this is the quantity which must be added in the template at the starting date. It is added once)
  • Taxable (enter NO, if not taxable, leave blank if taxable)
  • Custom columns available to add any details optional
  • In stock now (on specific date)
  • Rented out now
  • Sales metric (auto calculated)
  • Sales metric rank (calculated)

Customers Data Sheet {Filled Manually}

These parts of the template provide customers data and this sheet provides the overview of the customers in your rental business. You are able to offer discount and promotional offers to the regular clients. Some part of the sheet needs to be filled manually while other will be filled automatically. It consists of:

  • Customer ID (use unique customer ID for each customer)
  • Customer name use unique customer name, don’t repeat the name)
  • Add shipping and billing address
  • Email and phone number
  • Custom column 1 and 2 optional for any other information
  • Sales metric (calculated automatically)
  • Sales rank (calculated automatically)

Order-Headers {Product Rental Detail}

This spreadsheet of the template provides the specific order details and you are able to track down any order through it. Major part of this sheet will be filled manually while rest will be filled automatically.

  • Add unique order number
  • Add order date and customer name
  • Fill order status (choices are available in form of booked, inquiry and cancelled)
  • Rate type (how is the rental charge is added here, that is per day or per hour)
  • Rent out date (date and time when the asset leave the business)
  • Return date (add date or time when the asset come back)
  • Tax rate (tax rate for order must be add here, it will be shown in percentage)
  • Invoice number (add the number shown on the invoice)
  • Payment due date
  • Add other charges such as shipping charges
  • Add Order level discount
  • Order notes (add priority of the order)
  • Paid amount (amount already paid by customer must be added here)
  • Total amount of the order (auto calculated through sum of product charges+other charges+tax-product discounts-order discounts)
  • Due amount (auto calculated total order amount- paid amount)

Order Details Sheet

More details of the specific order can be taken from this spreadsheet. Don’t interfere with the green cells as they are calculated automatically, while other must be filled manually.

  • You are able to check availability of any asset on the top.
  • Enter order number
  • Choose asset category
  • Choose asset name from list
  • Add quantity of asset
  • Add price of renting each unit of asset
  • Add discount of each unit of asset
  • Rent out date and return date
  • Add rate type for the order
  • Rental duration in days
  • Net price (unit price – unit discount)
  • Amount before tax (net price * rental duration * quantity)
  • Tax amount
  • Amount after tax
  • Order row number and order date
  • Order status and customer name
  • Rental duration total


Note:- *don’t interfere with green cells


Calendar Overview of Product Booked

Calendar for your rental business can be viewed from this spreadsheet of the template. In stock availability or status of any asset can be viewed here.

*Green show in stock availability while red show over booked quantity


  • Choose start date
  • Choose display (either available quantity or rented quantity)
  • Check mark for enough inventory
  • Identify overbooked quantity in red)
  • The table shows the asset quantity on each specific date of the month.

Note:- 2 different views available choose according to your requirement.

When Stock Available {Overview}

When Stock is Rented

Auto Generate Product Invoice Sheet

This is generated automatically, and you are able to get the printable form of the invoice to hand over it to your clients. Just enter order number and the other information is shown automatically.

  • Add your logo that is through selecting existing logo and adding your company logo.

Invoice is divided up in portions and it is prepared automatically.

  • Customer information
  • Order data
  • Asset data
  • Order total information

Customize logo and business info. All the information is generated automatically, once you have entered the order number, however you can add order notes additionally. Go through the entire invoice once to check all the requirements are according to your company and then take it in printable form.

Reporting & Dashboard of Excel Inventory Template for Rental Business

This part of the template generated automatically, so that you can become aware of the top products and months and get accurate snapshot of the business performance. Here it is divided:

Current status

This report shows:

  • Quantity in stock
  • Quantity rented out
  • Current amount receivable
  • Past amount receivable

Summary Metrics

This section of the report shows:

  • Select start and end date
  • Rental quantity
  • Total revenue
  • Tax
  • Discounts given
  • Other charges
  • Expenses

Monthly metrics

Now review the monthly metrics for your rental business for any of the month through this report.

  • Availability of various metrics
  • Choose any metric to view the monthly details of it
  • Shows monthly trend for the metric

Top and bottom Performing Products

You are now able to get the clear picture of the business that which of the product is at the top and making most of the profit. It is generated automatically.

  • Choose top 10 or bottom 10
  • Choose the metric for rent duration or rent revenue
  • Top and bottom assets performance can then be viewed

Product Performance

Understanding any product performance is now easy through this report.

  • Choose the product from the list
  • Current inventory levels for the product are shown.
  • Product sale performance
  • Top customers for the product can be viewed.

Customer Performance Dashboard

Customer base dashboard overview By each customer, Check some CRM template

  • Rental Quantity
  • Rental Duration (Days)
  • Rental Revenue
  • Tax
  • Discounts
  • Other Charges

And amount due and amount due {Past}

Expenses Reporting

This part of the sheet shows the expenses made in the business. Add, date when any expense is made, expense amount and expense details.

Add or Retire Asset

Any assets which must be introduced or eliminated from your rental business must be recorded in this section of the template. Enter quantity added or reduced from inventory. If it is a brand new asset, enter it in the asset sheet. Add asset ID, effective date, type and quantity.

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