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Download gantt chart template in excel format by Template124 developer. Complete project analysis is important for clarity and making predictions according to the details. This can be a challenging and complicated task and especially more if multiple projects tracking and monitoring is required. Productive alignment of available resources and time-frame for any specific task can be tracked monitored through excel Gantt chart template. It is now a part of many companies, and for others, improving the bottom line is possible through this amazing template. Getting much more transparency into your projects of any size is possible, by checking time availability for each task and it can be seen clearly from this chart, keeping you always aware of the latest happening in the project.

An Excel Gantt Chart Template, combined with a dashboard, is a powerful tool for project management and tracking progress. The Gantt chart, named after its creator Henry Gantt, is a visual representation of project tasks and their timelines.

This template, enhanced with a dashboard, provides an even more comprehensive overview of the project’s status.

The Gantt chart itself consists of a horizontal timeline, divided into increments such as days, weeks, or months. Each task is represented as a bar on the chart, with its length indicating the duration of the task.

This allows project managers and team members to visualize the project schedule and dependencies between tasks. By using different colors or patterns, the Gantt chart can also indicate task progress, such as completed, in progress, or not started.

Pros of Gantt Chart Template

Be more efficient in making choice of this template. Check out some of the key benefits of the template.

  • Clarity for Each Project: If you don’t want to get confused or mix up among a number of projects and starting any task from scratch, complete tracking is required. Whether a single large project is going on, or if, multiple smaller projects are going on, be clear through this spreadsheet.
  • Resource Management:- The biggest constraint in the case of multiple projects can be limiting factor, which can be avoided by proper management and pre-planning. Through keeping you update, this tool ensures efficient resource management from your project manager.
  • Ensure Desired Outcomes:- Any misunderstanding, during any phase of a project, can result in time and resource wastage; however, it is prepared to keep all your team members aware of the dates and helping them achieve goals, with the integration of all of them.
  • Avoid Deadly Timelines:- Any specific project is required to be completed before the deadline, and therefore it is divided into smaller tasks and time limit is allocated for each of them. Your project leader remains aware about the time utilized and available for any specific task.

Features of Excel Gantt Chart Template

Check out some of the key features of the template and identify the reason of getting it for your company.

It can handle multiple projects at a time.

  • Scheduling for hundreds of project is possible.
  • Being purchased for the smaller company or for the enterprise, you can never find such a reliable template, carrying data for all of your projects efficiently.
  • Ensures smart planning for all the projects and prevent chances of missing out any project.

What sets this Excel Gantt Chart Template apart is the addition of a dashboard. The dashboard is a summary view that provides key project metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) at a glance. It can include information such as project milestones, task deadlines, resource allocation, and overall progress.

With the help of charts, graphs, and visual indicators, the dashboard simplifies the process of tracking project performance and identifying potential issues or bottlenecks.

The template’s dashboard is customizable, allowing project managers to tailor it to their specific needs. They can choose which metrics to display, add additional charts or graphs, and adjust the layout to match their preferences.

This flexibility makes the template suitable for various types of projects, from small-scale initiatives to complex, multi-phase endeavors.

It shows a relation between different tasks.

  • Projects progress is checked through achievability of milestones, and which can be set more actively through this template.
  • Some of the tasks are independent, while others do have a specific requirement, you can check nature of each task accurately.
  • Scheduling can never be so simple and effective.

Set tasks according to your preference

  • Depending on the nature of projects, add a remark for each task.
  • Show tasks, which must be completed quickly.
  • Project managers can ensure better management of tasks.

Clarity and transparency

  • Improves collaboration among teams.
  • Avoid confusion by giving a specific color to any task.
  • Expected accomplished date can be seen for any task.

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