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Download employee overtime template excel with time-sheet tracking. You must check before attendance sheet and salary slip for employees for overall calculation and record.


Track employee’s in-out record attendance summary and then define their monthly payroll status in printable sheet. This sheet helps you employee overtime record summary in Microsoft Excel sheet. This report helps you in analyze and track which of your employees are doing overtime and therefore efficient management. Overtime hourly rate is usually more than the basic hourly rate; therefore it is monitor and calculate carefully.

Calculating salary manually for the employees can be complicate and may end up in errors, however this template is prepare in excel to ensure proper calculations. Companies usually face different types of problems, and face high stress in calculating basic salary and overtime. If it consists of number of employees, and here a well prepare and update template can facilitate payroll department.

For getting daily employees attendance sheet excel 

The Employee Overtime Template Excel, also known as a timesheet, is a valuable tool used by organizations to track and manage employee overtime hours.

This template is designed to simplify the process of recording and calculating overtime, providing a convenient and efficient solution for both employers and employees.

The Excel template typically consists of several columns that capture essential information such as the employee’s name, date, start time, end time, and total hours worked.

Additionally, it may include specific columns dedicated to recording overtime hours, which can be categorized into regular overtime, weekend overtime, or holiday overtime. This allows for accurate tracking of different types of overtime worked by employees.

Employee Overtime Template Excel {Highlights}

Here are some key features of this template, making it worthwhile for your company:

It provides day and shift breakout record in one report.

  • It is obvious that employees are given targets for the day or the week, and their achievement is dependent on both efficiency and smart use of available time.
  • Supervisors are able to see, which targets are not met, and full breakout of the shift and then preparing new plans to improve productivity.
  • Easy data filling, and all the time record for the employee in front of you.

It shows you reliable results in one sheet, therefore pay your employees for the time, they were in the company.

  • Less stress on the payroll department and more quicker calculations for the salary.
  • You can pay your employees for the time; they were in the company according to the company policy.
  • It shows you reliable and updated data.

It prevents time theft and other, same type of issues in company.

  • Time theft is the biggest trouble, making your employees inefficient.
  • Improve productivity level, through setting better targets.
  • It prevents any errors, which are common in manual calculation.

You just need to fill employee in and out time manually and entire sheet working automatically without inserting any formulas. In customer Data Sheet you must enter particular employee status and role of job, basic salary and Overtime hour required.

Using the Employee Overtime Template Excel promotes transparency and accountability within the workplace. Employees can easily input their working hours, including any additional time spent beyond their regular schedule.

Supervisors and managers can review and verify the timesheets, ensuring compliance with labor laws and company policies regarding overtime.

The template’s automated calculations significantly reduce the chances of human error in calculating overtime pay. By simply inputting the start and end times, the template will automatically calculate the total hours worked and the corresponding overtime hours.

This not only saves time but also helps prevent errors that may occur with manual calculations.

Mostly business like construction, hospital, hotel and call center use this template for overtime employees duty management monthly basis.

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