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Looking for Scrap disposal request form in Microsoft Excel? we recently upload capital asset, fixed asset, and other equipment asset form or sample latter for your help. basically, this is a simple excel sheet, different disposal form are available here

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It means the sale/donation of the old asset. The asset who are re-evaluating and the life of that asset is ended. Scrap is an asset which is a fixed asset mostly a (machinery, equipment, parts of the machine) therefore, the asset with no life.

Scrap is also called surplus for the businesses or organizations because it can be the sale, or it can be useful for the other businesses. So it is very crucial to dispose of it with care otherwise you’ll get nothing against it.

How to Fill That Form?

This from that an organization must fill out when it wants to sell its assets as scrap. This template offers you with great information about the selling organization and its details about the asset which the organization wants to sell or dispose-off as a donation to any other business partner or organization.

Procedure Scrap Disposal Request Form Excel

Template you must provide first the organization name who wants to sell and dispose of its asset.

The code and contact are also filled manually by the manager. The contact details of the selling organization and its code with which it is registered.

Scrap Disposal Form Template

Disposing Asset Detail (Header)

In the next section, you must provide the details about the disposing of an asset that, what is its condition and what is the error in this? If it is machinery give an explanation of the machinery and also give the bar-code and the serial number, which is associated with the machinery or equipment or it may be a building.

Location of Asset Description

Then you must give the location of asset description that, where it is been place as well as its current condition? How many times it was depreciated or how is its condition now? Reason for disposal that why the asset is selling or donating to the others. There are different types of methods of disposing of the scrap or asset you must write the method of disposing of the asset.

Fixed Asset Depreciation Excel Spreadsheet

Age of the asset

Age of the asset must write in terms of years means how much time old is this asset? Expected date of disposal must write as well as asset number and the book value of the asset.

Then at the end section last but not least you must write the name of that organization to whom it will be donated and the sale price on which the selling organization wants to sell.

Footer Section {Signature Writing}

Then there is the signature section name of the person who recommends donating the asset is written moreover the name of that person who approved the asset disposal must be written.

This form helps you to explain everything in one form, in my opinion, it is a professional way to dispose-off your asset. Similarly, this template helps you to be professional in this regard.


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