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Looking for daily product sales inventory record template? Here is some Microsoft excel base daily tracker for record your clients or any product base service. Especially if you are running some kind of rental business, than this small sales management software can fulfill your need. You can also maintain stock take inventory as a sales manager. There are 10 steps to use this template. Forget about the irritation of manually maintain the records of the inventory sales and orders tracking.


This template is easy to use and efficient way to uphold and manage the order taking and inventory of your business. You can track all the records of your orders, which is in stock or out of stock. This templates helps you to effortlessly detect the order and inventory statuses.

Steps to use Daily sales Inventory Template Excel

Using this small business software of sales management, you can access multiple projects at a time and maintain record of weekly, annual or monthly regarding each customer. There are 10 steps to use this invoice to manage your inventory and orders:

  • Settings
  • Assets
  • Customer
  • Order headers
  • Order details
  • Calendar
  • Invoice
  • Report
  • Expenses
  • Add OR Retire asset.

Step 1 (Setting of Sales Sheet):-

Firstly, in settings you must enter all the details about your business. You can change values in “Setting sheet” regarding your nature of business.

  • Name
  • Contact address
  • Email
  • Tag line of the business
  • Phone number

When you enter all the information about the business then you must give the asset details. It means which assets currently your business has. Like chairs, computers, tables, stationary etc. we can enter 30 categories each category has fifty assets. Daily sales inventory template excel use for launching new product or setup for existing business.

STEP 2 (Assets Section):-

In step 2 named as Assets section, you must put all the details about the assets.

  • Assets I.D (purchase I.D of an asset)
  • Assets name (e.g. building)
  • Assets description (what the asset is)
  • Starting quantity (quantity of assets you owned)
  • Taxable (taxable assets mean on which assets you are paying taxes as building)
  • In-stock (how many assets are in-stock means how much are available currently in stock)
  • Rented out (how many assets quantities are on rent currently)
  • Sales metric (automatically calculated as you entered above details)
  • Sales metric rank (automatically calculated as you entered above details)

Step 3: CUSTOMERS Data Record

IN THIS section, you must put all details about your customers:

  • Customer name
  • Customer I.D
  • Billing address
  • Shipping address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Sales metric
  • Sales metric rank

STEP 4: Orders Headers

  • Order number (serial number)
  • Order date
  • Customer name (which customer the asset is rented out)
  • Order status (booked or not booked)
  • Rate type (per day, per week, per month etc.)
  • Rent out date (the date on which the asset id issued for rent)
  • Return date (the expected date on which asset should be returned)
  • Tax rate (% of tax if paying on asset rent)
  • Invoice number
  • Payment due date (the expected date on which payment must be made)
  • Other charges (other shipping, delivery charges if have)
  • Paid amount (the amount the customer has paid)
  • Total amount (the total amount of rent)
  • Due amount (remaining amount which must be paid on due date)

Step 5: Order Details

This section shows you the number of assets issued, rented and available in stock. As well  as it shows the asset type issued to which customer.

  • Order number
  • Asset category
  • Asset name
  • Quantity
  • Amounts after tax etc.

These are all the details that you have provided in the step 4 order headers. Automatically this sheet helps you to review the status of the orders.

Step 6: Calendar

The calendar section shows the graphical view of the order status information. As you can see that a customer details that when the asset issued and when on which day it will return. By seeing graphical view, it is easy for the manager to locate the asset details. The calendar is shown for the daily basis and showing the rented quantity of an asset.

Step 7: Invoice

By putting all the data into above pages the invoice section automatically generates the customer’s invoice including the al the above details and the rented asset on the customer’s name and his/her billing details.

Step 8: Report & Analysis of Daily Sales Inventory Template

The report section has 3 major documents:

  • Status
  • Report
  • Monthly Metrics
  • Top and bottom performing products
  • Customer performance
  • Product performance

It’s a summarized section which shows the status of the assets on rent and report shows the revenues from rent, taxes and expense summary of a month. Monthly metrics shows the monthly trends and assets descriptions. As well as report also shows the top rating products and low performing products automatically.

Purchase Stock Inventory Template Excel


In the expense section, we must put all the expenses of the month and the expense details and expense amount must be shown.

STEP 10: Add or Retire Asset:

You can also add the new acquired assets and also can remove the Old ones as retired assets.


  • Asset I.D
  • Effective Date
  • Type
  • Quantity of that asset

In conclusion, the daily sales inventory template excel is an organize way to manage the inventories and orders. For any assistance and support, you can direct contact us or generate ticket to customer support department of Template124.


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