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Are to looking for customizing your imports and exports? Dispatch Template is for you.


Customize Daily Dispatch Report template with graphical summarized detail, Progress reporting of Stock Material.  (RIF, RFD Report pattern with an example of a particular industry). Design for warehouse, Stocktake inventory and other shipping Note record and track. Template is most needed in shipping or import/export business. Check the trial version of the template, if any custom request.

Many importers and distributer (Worldwide) are using this kind of excel-based sheet for their daily to weekly base activities.

  1. Easy in bulk production scheduling
  2. Help in Finance & Accounting or (Budget management)
  3. Track daily activities
  4. Generate Report

Track in-progress order, Re-open, Hold and ready for inspection, reject after inspection and Reject items. You can arrange items currency in different mode like Euro, Dollars and U.K pound ETC.

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Production activities remain in the flow without conflicting production plans, through the efficient scheduling process, maintain through dispatch management. Supervisors and managers are able to maintain motion in operations and keeping workers according to business company policies and production plans through utilizing dispatch report template excel.

Table of Content

1.1- Features To Review
1.2- Templates Highlights
1.3- Recommended Section
1.4- How to Use

Now you are able to make scheduling decisions through comparing actual production with planned production and therefore increasing control in your organization operations through this simple, yet effective template. It is prepared by keeping all the indicators of production and scheduling in mind, and inspection for the prepared goods is also possible, before delivering over to the client.

Format of Dispatch Report

Features Must Review

  1. No of Product Dispatch
  2. Ready to Print Report
  3. Overview through Dashboard At Any time
  4. Status of Monthly through Charts
  5. Customer Data Base Show Quantity

Dispatch Report Template Highlights

  1. It streamlines communication for persons on different designations.
  2. It makes a comparison for different year’s goods detail easier and efficient.
  3. Preventing piling up of stock in the stores and helps in maintaining the optimum amount of inventory in the stores.
  4. It ensures the availability of raw material from one operation to the next, without any constraint.
  5. It provides the dashboard for daily goods detail, ready for inspection and ready for dispatch.
  6. Challenges of dispatch management can be dealt with efficiently, especially for dispersed teams.
  7. Maintaining goods detail country and customer wise can be tackled easily and it improves service delivery.


Key Features of the Template

Following are the features of the template.

  1. Make dispatch report easily
  2. Shipping notes can be maintained for each delivered order instantly.
  3. Time of each dispatched order can be tracked exactly.
  4. Goods type for each order can be seen and recorded separately.

It is Excellent for quickly locating information for each order.

  1. Avoid planning and scheduling challenges through goods detail.
  2. Goods details are available for different time periods that are daily goods details, monthly goods data, and yearly information as well.
  3. Satisfies staff members as well as customers through delivering goods of the highest quality.

Differentiate Orders

  1. Each order information is recorded individually.
  2. Comparison based on current performance and past information shows the percentage of achieved production goals.
  3. Orders on-hold can be seen.
  4. Can handle multiple orders.


Ease of Use

  1. Prepared in excel tool, which is user-friendly.
  2. Customizing and modifying is possible according to your organization’s requirements and your personal preferences.
  3. It can be used everywhere for dispatching and scheduling purpose, that is, it is suitable for all types of industries.

It Saves your Time by Filling Automatically.

  1. You are just required to fill the first part of the template and rest is done automatically.
  2. It helps you focus on production tasks by saving time and preventing chaos at your workplace.
  3. Dash is available in the form of the graph, showing you all the key data, for every order.

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