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Looking for meeting room booking template, we have some premium template “Free Download” after some editing. Same your time regarding hiring employee for this job and do it easy way with reminder “UPDATE”. Having a user friendly booking system in your hotel is fundamental these days to prevent over booking and therefore satisfying growing trend, of meetings organized in hotels by companies these days. Most of the time, meetings and conferences are organize in the workplace. However sometime, hotel is chosen for the purpose and if your hotel is having meetings rooms for the purpose.


You are now able to manage (online bookings, telephone bookings and walking in bookings) efficiently through having hotel room booking template XLSX.  Template Prepared in excel by professionals, understanding growing trend of business meetings and having expertise over excel.

Daily or routine base meeting booking template looking in printable format?

Here is Template124 Team design Customize Template for You.

Hotel Meeting Room Booking Template Pros

Collision of booking of the same room may cause troubles and leave bad impact of your hotel on the company owners, which can be avoided through having use friendly system of booking.

  • All the basic information related to hotel meeting rooms is available in single form with multiple spreadsheets. You can save time and effort.
  • Your management staff is not required to rely on the manual systems and therefore better booking system is possible.
  • People these days; prefer making online or bookings over the telephone, which is possible if all the information related to booked rooms and free rooms is available.
  • You are able to answer payment questions, and discounts over the phone as well.
  • Multiple spreadsheets available therefore switching to the required spreadsheet is available.
  • Printable rent receipt can be taken at any instant, making recording, monitoring and payment so easy.

Conference Room Booking Template Excel

Make bookings at any time, through getting this premium quality template. Its format and features are shared here:

Centralize and easy “booking system for Hotel”

  • Already suffering over booking? One of the best way of avoiding confusions and collisions over booking is to have centralize system.
  • The booking person is able to check the number of meeting rooms available, asking the size of the meeting (i.e. persons going to attend the meeting), and time asked by the interested party, and then making the perfect booking.
  • Luxury, deluxe, super deluxe room’s availability can be found in the template and then the booking is made asked by the meeting organizer accordingly. Centralize system ensures more control and no chances of overbooking.

Conference Room Sign-Up Sheet Template

It is beneficial for cost saving and providing efficient services.

  • You are able to increase profit earned by your hotel through providing more efficient and satisfying services to your guests.
  • Companies looking for the outer place for meetings like to prefer professionalism and luxury services with “no compromise” over quality. Therefore your hotel manager are able to lay more attention towards services rather than overcoming booking difficulties.
  • No need to keep paper records and you can avoid paper and stationery cost through having electronic spreadsheet for the purpose.

Daily Conference Room Schedule Template

Bespoke excel workbook for time saving, efficiency and avoiding booking errors.

  • You are now able to realize capacity of your hotel at any instant and making bookings accordingly.
  • Look out for the fact, what is the utilization of meeting rooms in the peak season and respectively?

Marketing strategies and other plans can be made accordingly, to increase sales and therefore earning more profit for your hotel. You can Oder Template124 regarding “meeting room booking template excel” in Excel and other PDF Template.

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