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We have UPDATED excel sales dashboard templates, which help you to reporting daily to monthly base of relates stock inventory and other IT base sales.

Some companies need reporting dashboard template for evaluating performance of every agent, so these sales tracking dashboard template in excel format help you to maintain record and data analysis in forecasting sheet. Effective sales analysis is fundamental to become aware of what is actually going inside the company, and therefore looking out for the efforts made by your sales team.

Different marketing strategies are used to increase sales revenue and therefore net profit, however this require detailed analysis of various factors, including, regional sales, break-even point examination, customers in the business place at any instance, and this all can now be compiled up easily in XLSX template for success of your business.

Sales Dashboard Spreadsheet Template

Excel Sales Dashboards are powerful tools that can help businesses track and analyze their sales data effectively. They provide visual representations of key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics, allowing decision-makers to gain valuable insights into their sales performance. Here are five Excel Sales Dashboards templates that can help drive success for your business.

  1. Sales Performance Dashboard: This template offers a comprehensive overview of your sales performance, highlighting key metrics such as total revenue, sales growth, and top-selling products or services. It provides interactive charts and graphs that allow you to analyze trends and identify areas for improvement. With this dashboard, you can monitor your sales team’s performance, set targets, and track progress towards achieving your sales goals.
  2. Customer Analysis Dashboard: Understanding your customers is crucial for business success. This dashboard template enables you to analyze customer data, including demographics, purchase history, and customer satisfaction ratings. By gaining insights into customer behavior and preferences, you can tailor your sales strategies, improve customer retention, and identify opportunities for cross-selling or upselling.
  3. Sales Funnel Dashboard: The sales funnel represents the customer journey from initial contact to closing a deal. This template visualizes the different stages of your sales funnel, including leads, prospects, and conversions. It allows you to track the progression of leads through each stage, identify bottlenecks, and optimize your sales process for better conversion rates. With this dashboard, you can focus your efforts on the most promising leads and enhance your sales pipeline efficiency.
  4. Territory Performance Dashboard: If your business operates in multiple territories or regions, tracking the performance of each area is crucial. This dashboard template provides a geographic overview of sales performance, allowing you to compare and analyze data across different territories. You can identify high-performing regions, evaluate sales trends, and allocate resources effectively to maximize sales growth in each territory.
  5. Sales Forecasting Dashboard: Accurate sales forecasting is essential for planning and budgeting purposes. This template helps you analyze historical sales data, identify seasonal trends, and make informed predictions about future sales. By understanding your sales patterns and forecasting accurately, you can optimize inventory management, set realistic sales targets, and make informed decisions to drive business growth.

Overall, these Excel Sales Dashboards templates offer valuable insights into your sales performance, customer behavior, and market trends. By leveraging these tools, you can make data-driven decisions, identify growth opportunities, and take proactive steps to achieve success in your business.

Improving sales volume and visibility of product trends in the specific region can also be examine through sales dashboards, and they are fundamental element, is providing direction to sales manager.

Manage Excel Sales Dashboard Templates 

Here are some key benefits of the sales dashboards and how they facilitate in tracking sales volume:

  • Sales managers are able to identify role of each sales team member as well as sales targets achieve by him.
  • A single strategy, which works for improving sales volume in single region can be introduced in another region as well.
  • You are able to meet breakeven point quickly and therefore start getting profits for your business.
  • Sales specific details for the week or month can be seen from this template as well as role of each department in it as well.
  • No updating is required in manual records, which may results in more time consumption and increase chances of human made error.
  • Cost effective and favorite element of success for your managers.
  • This Excel Sales Dashboards Templates can generate daily to Monthly reports.

PROS and Features for Tracking Sales Daily

Marketing and sales analysis examination is much easier through this premium template. Here are some outstanding features of this excelling spreadsheet and why it is favorite of smart managers:

It helps you manage your “sales records” efficiently and show all this data through this template.

  • Improving your results is easier and effortless, if sales records are available to you.
  • This is required to come up with working strategy for the specific department, outlet or the region.
  • It facilitates your sales managers, in achieving their sales targets and becoming aware of their most potential and talented team members.

It reduces paper work in your company, and therefore helps in providing fast and timely sales data.

  • One of the biggest flaw and loophole in using manual records in companies are that they are not instantly taken in printable forms and reports preparation may take time.
  • Any mistake in recording down the records may result in whole decision to get effected or might affect the pricing decision, which is also affected by sales volume.
  • It allows you to make updates in the electronic sheet on the daily basis, weekly or monthly basis, according to your company preference as well as type of product for which it is utilized.

Report all of the sales and more details are available as well.

  • Sales managers might need to look up for detailed analysis of the sales volume and how they are made; therefore this can be seen using this template.
  • Check out sales targets achieved and leftover targets in the company or in the contact center.
  • A sales dashboard is available for product wise, sales team member’s wise, region wise and this is amazingly beneficial for “tracking and monitoring” sales.

How to Create or Manage this Excel Sales Dashboard Templates ?

It is based on multiple spreadsheets and they are prepared to provide time saving and effortless monitoring of sales details by your sales managers. This template is equally beneficial for small or bigger companies, as well as for contact centers as well. Get this premium template in discounted prices and it can be used in any version of the Microsoft office.

Tips For Using This Template Smartly

  • Double check all the details for spreadsheets, where manual recording is done.
  • Automatic sales dashboards are generated based on this information.
  • Number and type of outlets may differ for your company, look out for them and make changing’s as required.
  • It can work well with any version of the office, but look out for the latest one for fast operating.
  • It is in ready to use format, but in case you need customization, ask us and our excel guy will do it for you.

Data Record and Tracking Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet provides basic data of the sales. It is already prepared, however depending on number on products in your company, and outlet details, you can add more details in it as well. The sheet must be filled manually, and it can be then used each time without making amendments. A table is prepared and filled up with headings; you are just required to enter the following details:

  • Region (add region for which you are recording down the sales)
  • Product
  • Outlet (online, store and phone is included in it)
  • Sales person (add all your sales persons name)
  • Sales (number of units sold out by them)
  • Date (when the sale is made)

Table for Tracking Agent {Top of the Month}

More detailed analysis of the sales and sales tracking according to sales team members can be made through this spreadsheet of the template. It consists of multiple tables, providing detailed data of the sales including:

  • Sales person
  • Region wise sales are shown
  • Percentage of sales in each region respectively
  • Items sold by them
  • Outlet through which they are sold
  • Total sales made by “sales person in each month” of the year
  • Region wise number of sales by specific sales person in each month
  • Product wise number of sales by specific sales person in each month
  • Outlet utilized for sales by specific sales person in each month.

Total number of each item sold in specific region is therefore shown as well.

Sum of Sales According to Month {Image}

Review format of “Sum of each Agent” against each month.

Graphs and Statistical Interactive Sales Dashboard

All the results for both other spreadsheets are shown in graphical form on this spreadsheet. It is generated automatically; therefore there is no room for any mistake. It can be taken in printable form as well. It consists of multiple graphs and statistical diagrams covering all the aspects of sales.

  • Line graphs showing
  • Sales person name
  • Ranking sales wise
  • Sales data according to the region
  • It shows data for the month

Another chart is available:

  • Bar chart showing sales mix by sales person
  • It shows total number of sales made
  • Region wise
  • Product wise
  • Outlet wise

Sales by Each Member in Company {Dashboard}

Here is image shown regarding “Sales by Each member” you can review this and notify us for any type of changes in that dashboard.

Product-Region Outlet Mix is shown by stacked bar charts and show total number of sales according to each factor on the single graph, excellent for tracking and monitoring.

Product, region outlet mix trend is also covered in individual stacked bar graphs. Drill the Excel Sales Dashboard Templates details according to region, product and outlet.

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