Check some printable sheet of student remarks on report card in Excel format, how to create this template with automatically formulas. It consists of multiple spreadsheets, to help you get relevant details of the students performance and therefore for your convenient, you are just able to select the required spreadsheet, and all the records can be monitored easily. To provide you more access and ease of data entry, it is prepared in excel spreadsheet.

  • Setting
  • Student database
  • Entry wise
  • Subject wise summary
  • Student report dashboard

School Attendance Register Template

A printable remarks sheet of students in Excel format provides a convenient and organized way to document and track students’ progress, behavior, and overall performance. This sheet typically includes various columns that allow teachers or educators to input relevant information about each student.

These columns may include the student’s name, student ID, class or grade level, attendance records, academic achievements, disciplinary actions, and any additional remarks or comments.

The Excel format offers several advantages for creating a printable remarks sheet. First and foremost, it allows for easy data entry and manipulation.

Teachers can quickly input and update student information in the respective cells, and formulas and functions can be applied to automate calculations and generate summary statistics.

This makes it simpler to track trends, identify patterns, and analyze the overall performance of individual students or an entire class.

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Remarks Sheet of Student: – Settings

This section is prepared to help you out later, when you are filling the student database and other information in the spreadsheets. This part of the template is designed to save your time and effort later, as you are able to add data here and it will be taken further automatically, (i.e you are entering subjects name or students name here and their abbreviations can be selected later in other spreadsheets, and they will be filled up with required subject). It consists of:

  • Subject’s name (there is space provided for 15 subjects, however you are able to increase the subjects as well for the higher classes or adding subjects according to your institution as well).
  • Subject number

Student Database of Report Card Structure

This part of the template provides details regarding students database and you are able to view your students study performance and it’s all information through filling out this sheet accurately. Among other spreadsheets, this must be filled manually and this information is then taken further. Double check it for any wrong incorporation of information. It consists of:

  • #
  • Roll no.
  • Student name
  • Class
  • Father’s name
  • Contact number
  • Address

*this can be used to contact your student parents, for any issue or for parent’s teacher purpose as well.

Entry sheet: – Automatically Filled Data

The part of this spreadsheet is filled manually while other is filled out automatically. It shows subjects and your student’s performance in each of it annually. Maximum marks are available and the obtained marks and percentage are part of this specific sheet. It consists of:

  • Roll no (fill it manually)
  • Student name (generated automatically from roll no)
  • Assessment 1-12
  • Subject name
  • Max marks
  • Obtained marks (add them manually)
  • Percentage (calculated automatically)
  • Click on each assessment for more details.

Subject Wise Summary

As the name shows, this part of the template shows the student performance according to the subject and the summary is available here. It is filled automatically based on the information filled in student database and entry sheet. It shows:

  • Student information (including name, roll no, father name and class)
  • Subjects (biology, zoology, economics, physics, English, computer, stat and all from setting section)
  • Assessment 1-12 (total marks, obtained marks and percentage)
  • Status

Student Performance & Assessment Dashboard

This part of the template presents all the student performance, and evaluation through charts and dashboard. This is for quick and efficient presentation of results on the monthly assessment basis or for the annual results as selected by you.


Class view can be made through this part and to ensure you never miss out any element, you can take it in Remarks Sheet of Student in Excel form as well. Ideal use of colors is made to make it more presentable and to ensure, you never miss out any element.

Another benefit of using Excel is the ability to customize the remarks sheet according to specific needs and preferences. Users can modify the layout, format, and design of the sheet to align with their school or institution’s requirements.

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Additionally, Excel provides options for conditional formatting, allowing for the automatic highlighting of certain data points based on specified criteria. For example, a teacher can set rules to highlight students with exceptional achievements or those who need additional attention or support.

Once the remarks sheet is completed and updated, it can be easily printed out for various purposes. Teachers can share these printed sheets during parent-teacher conferences or student progress meetings to provide comprehensive feedback on students’ academic performance and behavior.

The printable format also enables educators to keep physical copies as a backup or for record-keeping purposes.

In summary, using Excel to create a printable remarks sheet for students offers a convenient and efficient way to organize and track their progress.

With its flexibility and customization options, educators can tailor the sheet to meet their specific needs, while the ability to print and share the sheet ensures effective communication between teachers, parents, and students.

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