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Welcome Screen

This part of the template is prepared to give idea about the whole template and worksheets included in it. You are just required to enter the company name, and it will be adjusted automatically on top. Add contact details of the company here including, address, phone number, email and website. Other worksheets part of the template are also listed here i.e. employee attendance tracker, employee attendance summary and employee database.

A printable employee attendance sheet in Excel format provides a convenient and efficient way to track and record employee attendance. Excel is a widely used software program that offers various features and functions to create organized and customizable spreadsheets. With an attendance sheet in Excel, employers can easily monitor employee attendance patterns, identify trends, and maintain accurate records for payroll and HR purposes.

The Excel format allows for the creation of a structured and user-friendly attendance sheet. The sheet can be designed to include columns for employee names, dates, and attendance status, such as “present,” “absent,” or “late.” Additionally, it can incorporate formulas and conditional formatting to automatically calculate total working hours, overtime, or attendance percentages.

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The printable feature of an Excel attendance sheet enables employers to generate hard copies for physical record-keeping or to distribute among employees. Having a physical copy can be useful during audits or when reviewing attendance with employees or supervisors. It provides a tangible reference that can be easily referenced and analyzed, while also serving as a backup in case of technology issues or data loss.

Moreover, Excel offers various formatting options to enhance the visual appeal and usability of the attendance sheet. Employers can add color-coding, borders, and conditional formatting rules to highlight specific attendance patterns or to emphasize important information. This makes it easier to spot trends, identify areas for improvement, and take necessary actions to address attendance-related issues.

Overall, a printable employee attendance sheet in Excel format offers a versatile and practical solution for managing employee attendance. It streamlines the process of tracking and analyzing attendance data, provides flexibility for customization, and facilitates effective communication between employers and employees. By utilizing the power of Excel, businesses can ensure accurate attendance records, promote accountability, and enhance overall workforce management.

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Employee Database

This part of the template consists of all the general information of the employee. If you are interested in reducing absenteeism of the specific employee, this table must be considered. This part of the template must be filled carefully as the other entire worksheets auto generates data from this table. It consists of:

  • Employee ID (employee identification number)
  • Employee name (enter employee name here)
  • Designation (position of employee in organization)
  • Contact (phone number of the employee is added here).
  • Address (add full address of the employee here).


Note: This information must be checked again, as other data is dependent on it. Make sure you have latest version of Microsoft Excel (2007 or above) of editing this Employees Attendance Sheet in Excel Format.

Employee Attendance Tracker

This part of the template consists of general information of the employee as well as his attendance record. General information is automatically filled from employee database, once you enter employee ID. Other information on this sheet consists of:

  • Chart of the month, according to dates and days.
  • You are just required to enter P (present), L (leave) or A (absent).
  • Total number of present, absent and leaves will be automatically filled showing certain employee attendance behavior.

Employee Attendance Summary

To get the quick summary of the employee attendance, view this part of the template. It consists of pie chart showing number of present, absent, leaves and working days of the specific employee. It can be used for getting attendance report as well.

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