A dot log book for taxi/truck record is used to record the daily income and expenses details of a taxi, and at the end keep track that where the difference is. The daily log is to maintain the daily information. You don’t have to be an expert of Excel this spreadsheet is easy to handle and updates information daily.

The taxi driver can see the weekly report if their taxi expenses and what he gains after a month.it is very mandatory for cab drivers to make a record of what they get after all the expenses.

In this spreadsheet, you will find all the necessary information regarding the expenses and the daily income and at the end this spreadsheet provides the weekly/ monthly summary of the data entered daily basis.

A printable dot log book spreadsheet template is a useful tool for individuals or companies involved in the transportation industry. This template is designed to help drivers keep track of their daily activities, including driving hours, rest breaks, and other relevant information.

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The dot log book spreadsheet template is available in a printable format, allowing users to easily fill in the required details and keep a physical record of their activities.

The template typically includes sections for the date, start and end times of each trip, the number of miles driven, and the purpose of the trip.

It also provides space to record any breaks or rest periods taken during the day. This information is crucial for complying with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, which require drivers to maintain accurate records of their driving and rest hours.


Benefits of using Daily Dot Log Book Spreadsheet for Taxi Records

  1. Maintenance of records
  2. Daily update
  3. Data accuracy
  4. Data consistency
  5. Easy to operate
  6. Easy handling
  7. Efficiently tracking of records
  8. Weekly summary
  9. Profit & loss details
  10. Mileage readings

How to use This Template?

This spreadsheet has 4 section to fill in data that are following:

  1. Business Income section
  2. Other income & expense details
  3. Mileage readings
  4. Profit & Loss section
  5. Weekly net income Summary

Truck Trip Expense Section:

Firstly, you have to enter all the details in the business income section that includes the information about turnover, your business income, allowable business expense, & net income or loss. After mentioning all the details here in this section then move on to the next section.

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Taxi Business Income & Expense Detail:

You must enter all the other revenue sources in these columns. And, you must categorize your daily expenses in the rows. In template, there are mentioned all possible expenses of a taxi. But you can also add as you want you can customize it by adding a new row into the spreadsheet.

Dot Log Book Spreadsheet for Taxi Record

Truck/Taxi Mileage Details and information:

you must mention daily mileage of your taxi and also when the shift starts & shift ending time, Fuel cost must be mentioned and Income of daily must be entered in the daily Income section there are two heads in the income section as mentioned with name as takings and tips in taking section you must mention the daily fares the customers gives you. And the tips section includes the total of extra monetary value they give. After entering that all the data the sheet automatically totals each column.

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Profit & Loss section:

Profit and loss section automatically generates by the spreadsheet as you enter the above details in the spreadsheet. It gives you the quick review after one month so that you can see the details about income and expenses. And calculates the net income automatically.

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Weekly net income summary:

Weekly net income summary is also automatically generated. In this sheet, it asks you to provide the starting date of the week and then show the weekly net income of a month.

In conclusion, this truck dot log book spreadsheet template provides the best solution for the taxi records maintenance.

Using a printable dot log book spreadsheet template offers several advantages. First, it ensures consistency and uniformity in recording daily activities, minimizing errors and discrepancies.

It also allows for easy organization and analysis of data, making it simpler to identify patterns or trends in driving habits or scheduling. Moreover, a printed log book can serve as a physical backup in case of any technical issues or data loss in digital systems.

Overall, a printable dot log book spreadsheet template is a valuable resource for drivers and transportation companies.

It provides a structured and efficient way to maintain accurate records, ensuring compliance with DOT regulations and promoting safe driving practices.

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