Pert chart excel is used for the project tasks planning and used by the Project managers to keep track of their performances. This template helps you to manage all the tasks better and as well as it also automatically calculates everything for you and show a Graphical Representation of that tasks as Gantt. Chart.

Download pert chart excel for project planning through template124 and ask any question regarding this.

Scheduling & Task Management with PERT

Excel Pert Chart Templates for Project is one of the essential undertaking administration device. Today administration turn out to be more intricate particularly when you are managing a major task. You can confront a major inconvenience with respect to extend plan, calendar and spending administration and so on. Our market has been changed now it’s a great opportunity to confront these sorts of issue with most recent task administration systems. In these procedures, energetic diagram is likewise a standout amongst the most essential strategy that is being utilized today.

He PERT philosophy, or the Program Evaluation Review Technique, was created to distinguish the base measure of time expected to finish a task by considering in vulnerability. It was made for arranging the errand grouping, ordinarily known as the basic way, which must be conveyed with a specific end goal to finish expansive and confused ventures on time. Thus, conventional PERT graphs are mind boggling and thorough visuals that require time and learning to get it.

PERT Plan Layout

This PERT layout was planned uniquely in contrast to the PERT outlines made by basic way investigation devices. It was made to help customers, officials and other undertaking partners comprehend which errands must be finished before others can start. Saucy graph instruments create outlines that are intricate, hard to comprehend and excessively convoluted to incorporate into official correspondences. This PERT layout is an asset for showing venture timetables to non-venture groups of onlookers in a way that they can see rapidly.

7+ Excel Pert Chart Templates (Review)

A Pert Chart, short for Program Evaluation and Review Technique Chart, is a valuable tool used in project planning to visually represent and analyze the interdependencies and timelines of various project tasks. Excel, a popular spreadsheet program, can be effectively utilized to create and manage Pert Charts.

By employing Excel’s features, project managers can construct a comprehensive Pert Chart that highlights the sequence of tasks, their durations, and the relationships among them.

The chart consists of nodes or boxes representing individual tasks, connected by arrows to indicate the order of execution. Each task is accompanied by essential details such as its estimated time, dependencies, and milestones.

The PERT format was made in PowerPoint so it can be effortlessly altered by a task administrator or by venture groups. PowerPoint is commonplace to groups of onlookers who are not usual to review PERT outlines or are not open to utilizing basic way examination and task administration instruments.

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Benefits of Using Gantt/ Pert Chart Excel for project Management

  • It diminishes the weight of the venture administrators.
  • Responsible
  • Efficient approach to do work.
  • Effective record keeping
  • No bothers of manual working.
  • Easy survey with Gantt. Diagram
  • Automate the assignments.

Pert Chart Excel for Project Planning

The following column includes in this template:

Task Description:

First of all you must write the task description you need to describe. You first describe the task name or activity name in the description section. So that, it appear in the gantt chart by showing how much to complete.

Plan start:

Secondly, you must write the starting date of the plan or the project. This can be helpful to predict in gantt/ pert chart that how much time is require to complette this task or activity. You just enter all the dates of the relevent tasks in the template.

Plan end date:

Task ending date must be mention in the template. All task expected endeing date of the activity must be mention.


Types of the tasks or activities must be mention in the column.

Technical Aspect of Pert Chart Template {Excel, PDF, PPT}


In years  the gantt,/ pert chart shows you the graphical overview of the summary of the data of the activities of projects.

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In conclusion , this pert chart excel for project planning is very useful for the planning purpose of the project.

Using Excel’s grid layout, project managers can easily arrange and align the tasks and their corresponding information. They can assign task names to cells, enter duration estimates, and set up formulas to calculate critical paths, slack time, and other project metrics.

Excel’s conditional formatting capabilities can further enhance the visualization of the Pert Chart by applying color codes or highlighting critical tasks based on their importance or urgency.

Moreover, Excel’s flexibility allows project managers to update the Pert Chart dynamically as the project progresses. By simply modifying the task durations or adjusting the dependencies, the chart automatically recalculates and reflects the changes.

This real-time visibility helps project teams stay informed about the project’s status, identify potential bottlenecks, and make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and scheduling adjustments.

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